The Big Five Inventory

BFI (John & Srivastava, 1999; John, Naumann, & Soto, 2008)

FAQ - Frequently asked Questions about the Big Five Inventory

If you would like to take the BFI to learn your own scale scores, please visit Jeff Potter's personality testing site,


Adapted Big Five Scales

ACL-B5 - Adjective Checklist

CCQ-B5 - California Child Q-Sort (John, Caspi, Robins, Moffitt, & Stouthamer-Loeber, 1994)

CPI-B5 - California Psychological Inventory (Soto & John, 2009; contact Chris Soto for CPI-B5 scoring information)


Emotion Scales

BEQ - Berkeley Expressivity Questionnaire

ERQ - Emotion Regulation Questionnaire

For translated versions of these questionnaires, please visit my collaborator, James Gross's website.


Other Adapted Scales

CAQ-Self Monitoring (John, Cheek, & Klohnen,1996)

CPI-Hostility (Adams & John, 1997)

CPI-Depressive Symptoms (Jay & John, 2004)

CPI-Self Esteem (Kwan, John, & Thein, 2007)