Oliver P. John - Self-concept; self-perception accuracy and biases; personality development and assessment across the life span; emotion experience and expression; cultural differences


Graduate Students

Stephen Antonoplis - Self-concept and Personality Structure and Change; Social Class, Multiculturalism, and Political Psychology

Fausto J. Gonzalez - Interpersonal Emotion Regulation

Susan S. Mauskopf - Personality Development and Educational Skills

Emily Willroth - Individual Differences in Within-Person Processes, Emotion Regulation, and Well-Being

Berkeley Personality Alumni

Cameron Anderson [2001], Haas Business School, UC-Berkeley

Jennifer Beer [2002], The University of Texas at Austin

A.D. Catterson[2015], Planet Earth

Josh Eng [2012], Post Doc - UC Berkeley (Iris Mauss)

Tammy English [2008], Washington University in St. Louis

Sara Gorchoff [2008], Monmouth College

Sam Gosling [1998], The University of Texas at Austin

Virginia Kwan [2001], Arizona State University

Laura Naumann [2009],University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Jennifer Pals [1998], Northwestern University

Brent Roberts [1994], University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Rick Robins [1995], University of California, Davis

Sanjay Srivastava [2001], University of Oregon

Christopher J. Soto [2008], Colby College


Some Recent Collaborators

Veronica Benet-Martinez, University of Riverside, California

Jonathan Cheek, Wellesley College

Lew Goldberg, Oregon Research Institute

James J. Gross, Stanford University

Sarah Hampson, Oregon Research Institute and University of Surrey

Ravenna Helson, UC-Berkeley

Del Paulhus, University of British Columbia

Simine Vazire, Washington University at St. Louis