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Welcome to the web page of Patrick Davidson. The main purpose of this page is to make available various programs I have made over the last few years for TI graphics calculators, so it mainly provides these files without too many unnecessary and slow-to-load images. This page does make use of tables are used for many download lists since they help to organize information, but I also have individual pages for many of my products. Many sections of this web page now use frames, but there are still non-frame versions available.

This previous address at pad.calc.org is gone - http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~pad/ is now the only address. The pad@calc.org e-mail address also no longer works - use pad@ocf.berkeley.edu or eeulplek@hotmail.com instead.

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My calculator games

Here are the TI calculator games I have programmed over the past few years. All of these programs are written in assembly language or C to take full advantage of the calculator's capabilities, so they have far better performance than is possible in the built-in basic language. Unfortunately, since these programs are stored as machince code, it is not practical to type them in by hand, so you must send them from your computer by a Graph-Link, or transfer them from another calculator that already has them.

All of these programs may be freely redistributed, either in original or modified form, without any restrictions. A few of the older programs may still have older license terms given which specify more restrictions, but you now have permission to ignore and/or remove them. Note that this only applies to the calculator programs on this site, and not to any programs elsewhere that may mention me as one of the authors.

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