Solar traffic signs


Today, solar signs or solar traffic lights are developing rapidly and can almost be said to have become a global phenomenon. In this article, we will examine Customized signs.

The need to buy solar traffic signs:

Today, due to the increase in congestion and the increase in traffic and accidents caused by

Failure to comply with traffic rules and regulations for the production and manufacture of solar traffic signs

And display of road signs and other signs and traffic signs and traffic signs can be provided to provide safer conditions.

For pedestrians and riders. Considering the purchase of solar traffic signs direction

Urban and road safety can be used in places where the percentage of danger

Accidents are felt more than in other places using solar traffic signs.


Purchase of Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign and how it works:

Solar traffic signs, also known as solar panels, use technology

Conversion of sunlight energy into electricity by solar panels embedded at the top of the panel per day rate

Absorb the required amount of electricity during the day and save this electricity

Use hazard alerts flashing overnight.

Purchasing solar traffic signs can be effective in controlling and announcing dangerous conditions at the level of passages and intersections.

The role of quality in the purchase of solar traffic signs:

Solar traffic signs in their kind are one of the new and widely used traffic signs and signs.

At the level of passages to control traffic. Purchase of standard solar traffic signs

And with quality, it can provide service for a long time and if the technical points are observed

When installed and in the correct position, the necessary outputs in line with the project objectives

Have during operation.

Why solar signs


Price of solar traffic lights

Solar traffic lights have been able to prove themselves economically. Besides, it is environmentally friendly and reliable. Given the authorities’ request to reduce costs and the use and purchase of environmentally friendly traffic equipment, it is not surprising that solar technology has been selected as one of the main aspects of traffic management solutions.

Install solar traffic lights

One of the advantages of installing a solar traffic light is that its trenches can be installed across road junctions without the need for drilling; so as not to cause delays and heavy traffic on the roads. In this way, wiring or electrical work must be done on-site and any possible disturbances must be re-checked to minimize them. Since nothing is done on the site infrastructure, the solar traffic light can be easily transported with a trailer and can only be activated a few minutes after entering the site.

By using solar traffic lights on the road, you can be sure that electricity costs have been reduced and the environment has not been harmed. It is interesting to know that 8 electric traffic lights consume as much electricity as a typical three-bedroom house.


In addition to the above, ordinary traffic lights, which are dependent on electricity, fail when the power is turned off, thus creating traffic problems. In contrast, the solar-powered traffic light, which generates electricity by itself, also protects traffic during power outages. Undoubtedly, the use of these solar traffic lights is very useful in areas where electricity distribution is not widespread; because these traffic lights are not dependent on electricity in any way. The most interesting thing is that it is possible to convert any electric traffic light to a solar traffic light.

Solar traffic lights, Solar Traffic Speed Limit!

Solar traffic lights represent the future of traffic management systems. Certainly in the coming years, given the advances in economics and environmental friendliness, this technology will become much more common. It is safe to say that with the installation of solar traffic lights, traffic lights will be “green” forever.