Alyssa Fu (she/her)

Alyssa is a third-year studying Business and Legal Studies. She teaches voice for TMC, but also plays piano and did some low brass back in the day. She enjoys running, reading, and writing in her spare time!

Navya Ambavaram (she/her)

Navya is a fourth-year neurobio major and music minor! She’s a vocal and guitar tutor at TMC and loves to see our students have fun with music 🙂 She also enjoys listening to music, drinking tea, or baking!

Erik Kizior

Tutor Enrichment Director

Erik is a third-year studying EECS. He teaches piano for TMC. He really likes burritos!

Miriam Fernandez

Events Director

Miriam is a second year student who teaches ukulele!! She’s passionate about education, giving back to the community, and strives to express herself through creative outlets like writing or music.

Mikayla Gianna Bordador

Chief Operations Officer

Mikayla is a second year triple majoring in Integrative Biology, Public Health, and Music. She does piano, guitar, and voice and she loves reading and music!

Jasmine Tham

Social Media Director

Jasmine is a first-year majoring in English. She tutors piano and clarinet, but also plays a few others on the side. She also loves to bake, read, and make friendship bracelets 😀

Sally Kang (she/her)

Executive Board Intern

Sally is a third year studying Nutritional Sciences: Physiology and Metabolism. She’s a violin tutor and loves teaching music! She loves the gym, listening to music, and dogs!