Learn to Shoot

No equipment or experience necessary.
We'll teach you from the ground up!

Cal Archery was one of the 1st recreational collegiate archery teams to become established on the west coast. Our team has lead the Western Region in competitiveness and we’ve also helped a large number of other west coast teams get started. Cal Archery began about 18 years ago in 2005 and we’ve grown tremendously ever since. Our team is always excited to accept new club members, whether or not you are a beginner or a very advanced archer. We provide all necessary equipment, which supports archers of all levels and skills. In the past we’ve taught beginners how to shoot traditional, compound, olympic recurve, and barebow. Check out our open practice hours and come shoot with us! 

Learn how to shoot like a pro, from the ground up! ASCENT is a beginner program where our most advanced archers and coaches help you improve your shooting skills. 

Join the team to travel and compete and represent Cal on the National Collegiate level!

Where's our field?

We’re located at the Golden Bears Softball Field near Clark Kerr!
Do note that the field is NOT currently wheelchair accessible.

Contact us

Club: california.archery@gmail.com

Team: archery.captains@gmail.com

A.S.C.E.N.T.: california.ascent@gmail.com

Website and Socials: calarchery.secretary@gmail.com