Cal Archery team is a group of archers passionate about representing Cal at a competition level, from local to national and even international! Every year, we travel across the country to participate in competitions like California State Indoor, National Indoor, National Outdoor, etc. Not only are competitions helpful in training archers become better competitors, they are also fun! We welcome all levels of archers to competitions, but by making team, you have access to team practices on Saturdays, 9 am – 1 pm. Team practices are a great time to train yourself to be ready for competition. Along with the help of the captains and more experienced members, our wonderful coaches are ready to help with techniques, equipment, drills, training, etc. Moreover, you have access to tools and equipment like high-speed cameras to help you with your training

2018-2019 Tryouts

Dates: December 1st. (Winter tryouts)

Dates may be made up during a club practice. If you are trying out
at a club practice, you MUST let one of the captains know at least 12 hours ahead of time and one captain must be present. Tryout consists of 2 full scoring rounds, each round with 10 ends, shooting 3 arrows per end at 2 minutes per end. If you make team for the Indoor season, you have the option to try out for the outdoor season during club practice. Again, you must let one of the captains know if you are trying out, and a captain must be there. If you make the score this semester, you will start being be held accountable for attendance, helping at beginner sessions, teaching at Ascent, working golden bear open and other club events throughout both semesters.

Outdoor season tryouts will take place in April (Specific dates TBD).

If you have any questions regarding team feel free to email .

Recurve 430/600 430/720 (70 meters, 122 cm target)
Compound 500/600 (inner 10) 560/720 (50 meters, 80 cm target)
Bowhunter 500/600 (outer 10) 540/720 (50 meters, 80 cm target)
Barebow 350/600 340/720 (50 meters, 122 cm target)

2018-2019 Team 

Name Discipline Year
Jacqueline Warren (Captain) Female Recurve  2020
Andrew Gamaley (Captain) Male Compound  2021
Julien Belen Male Recurve  2020
Campbell Affleck Male Recurve  2019
Matt Castillo Male Barebow 2021
Elaine Chien Female Compound  2020
Kevin Chiang Male Recurve  2019
Ilya Chugunov Male Bowhunter  2020
Sherry He Female Recurve  2020
Nathan Jeffries Male Compound  2021
Boris Korablev Male Compound  2020
Dennis Lee Male Barebow  2019
Jesse Lee Female Barebow  2021
Joel Lee Male Recurve  2019
Allison Lew Female Barebow  2021
Howard Li Male Recurve  2020
Iris Li Female Barebow  2019
Raylen Li Male Recurve  2021
Katie Liu Female Compound  2021
William Ortiz Male Barebow  2021
Nevan Powers Male Barebow  2021
Della Qu Female Bowhunter  2021
Anand Sagar Male Recurve  2019
Eric Sivonxay Male Recurve
Quinn Wong Male Barebow  2021
Jerry Wu Male Recurve  2021
Amber Yeh Female Barebow  2020
Lily Lucero Female Recurve  2022
Andy Suk Male Recurve  2022
Kathy Min Female Recurve  2022
Patrick Pan Male Recurve  2022
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