Cal Archery team is a group of archers passionate about representing Cal at a competition level, from local to national and even international! Every year, we travel across the country to participate in competitions like California State Indoor, National Indoor, National Outdoor, etc. Not only are competitions helpful in training archers become better competitors, they are also fun!

We welcome all levels of archers to competitions, but by making team, you have access to team practices on Saturdays, 9 am – 1 pm. Team practices are a great time to train yourself to be ready for competition. Along with the help of the captains and more experienced members, our wonderful coaches are ready to help with techniques, equipment, drills, training, etc. Moreover, you have access to tools and equipment like high-speed cameras to help you with your training.


2022-2023 Tryouts 

Previous years has required tryouts, but joining team is now under the discretion of the captains. Joining team will require that you have sufficient prior experience or have completed ASCENT. Also, your willingness to learn and commitment to sufficient weekly practice will be required.

Additionally, after joining team you will start being held accountable for attendance at team practice, helping at beginner sessions, teaching at ASCENT, working Golden Bear Open and other club events throughout both semesters.

While there are no longer tryouts, here are some reference scores that you should aim for before/while on team.

Indoor: 2 full scoring rounds, each round with 10 ends, shooting 3 arrows per end at 2 minutes per end.
Outdoor: 2 full scoring rounds, each round with 6 ends, shooting 6 arrows per end at 4 minutes per end.

If you have any questions regarding team feel free to email

(70 meters, 122 cm target)
(inner 10)
(50 meters, 80 cm target)
(outer 10)
(50 meters, 80 cm target)
(50 meters, 122 cm target)

2022-2023 Team 

Justin Lee (Captain)Male Recurve 2025
Fiona Oh (Captain)Female Recurve 2024
Alex ShinMale Recurve 2025
Anna WangFemale Recurve 2025
Brian YangMale Barebow 2024
Cambridge Bui-NguyenFemale Barebow 2025
Clara KimFemale Recurve 2025
Clare LinFemale Compound 2023
Daewon KwonMale Compound 2025
Daniel KangMale Compound 2026
Danielle LouieFemale Recurve 2025
Emily TingFemale Recurve 2025
Frank JinMale Recurve 2025
Isabel Lee-ParkFemale Recurve 2023
Jane LoFemale Barebow 2023
Jin Yuan Tan (JY)Male Recurve M.S.
Julia WuFemale Recurve 2025
Kathy MinFemale Recurve M.S.
Keming ZhangMale Recurve Ph.D
Kiarra NingFemale Compound 2025
Marie ParkFemale Recurve 2025
Medha MadhavFemale Barebow 2026
Natasha HayterFemale Recurve 2026
Nicholas NolteMale Recurve 2023
Nicole TubmanFemale Barebow M.A.
Richard MaMale Barebow 2023
Samantha YanFemale Barebow 2022
Sean HuangMale Recurve Ph.D
Sharon JihnFemale Recurve 2024
Stanley WangMale Barebow 2023
Thibaut PousseMale Barebow 2024
Tiange Chen (Gabriel)Male Barebow 2025
Tyler LeMale Barebow 2025
Yei Ji LeeFemale Recurve 2024