45th Issue

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Claire Marie Stancek | Mouth | This living and
Philip Metres | Plan of Jerusalem (12th century) | [from Unto a Land I Will Shew Thee]
Andrea Jurjević | You Came Here Through Istanbul | Storm
Anis Mojgani | Mother is a black-boughed tree, Father is a black-tipped bird
Elizabeth Robinson | Simone de Beauvoir leans against a wall, half listening, while Rebecca West remembers making love
Jennifer Pilch | Ship (The Enactment)
David A. Hernandez | Maggie’s Habitación | Presences
Eran Eads | Communion
Craig Perez Santos | from understory
Kristy Peloquin | soil | duende
Jessica Murray | Dear Atlantic
Heidi Lynn Staples | Leap Cast | Trail
Sarah-Jean Krahn | from Weed Apologue
George Life | 09.23.14 — 10.02.14 | 10.03.14 — 10.12.14 | 10.13.14 — 10.22.14 | 11.02.14 — 11.11.14
James Goodwin | Negritudes: 6 Alienations
Brandon Krieg | Throughscape | But You, Habitable Place
Leora Friedman | Deer in the Shower
Melissa Ginsburg | Sea and Sky
Ryan Sharp | [in dreams there is still the dream where he was] | [the red oak broken the yellow lawn broke]
Marina Blitshteyn | I’m good
Rusty Morrison | Everyone is Noah
Hannah Rodabaugh | [Whiteness as presence of absence] | [Maggots are made of diamonds]
Aaron Apps | Anal Confessions | Moon Juice | Childish Obscurity
Kristin George Bagdanov | Moon Body
Monica Sok | Field Journal
Hugo García Manriquez | Pre-Columbian, 1965 | Try Unburying the Dead through Syntax | Try Unburying the Dead through Syntax | Try Unburying the Dead through Syntax
Ryan Black | Fragments from a Shooting Script [iii]
Steven Alvarez | 1519: BROWN Folio I | nodes in a bloodline network complicated
Aura Maru | pop-up safety cone
Kimberly Collins | Why Bessie?
Emily Means | Appetitus


Tahir Hamut | Summer is a Conspiracy
translated by Joshua Freeman

Olja Savičević Ivančević | Character | Kolja | Child and I
translated by Andrea Jurjević

Sunthorn Phu | What Looked Like Clouds
translated by Noh Anothai

Maha Hasan al-Qasrawi | A Rose in the Age of Cactus
translated by Noor Nader Al Abed & Francesca Bell

Hala Shrouf | The Boy | A Window
translated by Noor Nader Al Abed & Francesca Bell

Ao Wang | Quatrain, 2010 | Quatrain, 2008 | Quatrain, 2008
translated by Eleanor Goodman & Glenn Stowell

The cover art for our 45th issue is by Paloma Valencia. She is currently studying Visual Communications & Graphic Design at Design and Architecture Senior High. She has exhibited her work in the National Young Arts Foundation Campus, the Rubell Collection, Colorado College, and the Cranbrook Art Institute. She is currently a United States Presidential Scholar Semi-Finalist and a 2015 Young Arts Alumna. She will be attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the fall.