Every Morning I Take a Bus Through the West Bank, Minneapolis (Plain Text)

We had just arrived, when the Western Bank failed. What was the state of. What was the state. Forced to retreat, part the sea. Zzzzzzzzzz. Ice on the river. Fizz. Zzzzzz. The state. Fizz. Fizz. Ice on the Mississippi. Fizz. Reach sea: perils of the sea, (which sea?). Fizz-Fizz. The state: colony to colony. Two state solution? forms an independent whole devoted to Palestine but–disaster day, disaster day, disaster day. Leaving. What was. Leaving. Leaving. SEA OF THE GALILEE. What was. Pay attention to the myth, is the country myth? is the country myth. IT ALL. Is the colony, colony? Is the country myth. DEPENDS ON. The colony myth. Is the country myth? WHAT YOU LOOK THROUGH. It all depends on what you look through.