46th Issue

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Elizabeth Atherton | Cartwheel | Body Cord
Clara B. Jones | Green Is the Space of Mindfulness
Angela Peñaredondo | Parts of a Body Before It Was the Body’s Pain
Monica Youn | Landscape with Deodand | Natural Law
Dan Beachy-Quick | Poem | Gnothi Seauton
Jacqueline Last | supplication: part 1
Lucia LoTempio | Mary Queen of Sunshine
Ishion Hutchinson | Road with Pollard Willows | A Common Level
Benjamin Krusling | Endless Spring
Monica Rico | The Beard of Ernest Hemingway and Two Tablespoons
Steven Gray | D E P T
Lauren Hilger | As Tolstoy’s Natasha on the Hunt
Laura Wetherington | The body free falls through history, immortalizing the seventies | The other explanation
Shakthi Shrima | alka plays hangman with you | alka watches porn
Terrell Jamal Terry | Home & Hive
Carlina Duan | Morning Comes, I Am Shiny with It
Larry Narron | Job Hunting in Winter
Rebecca Gaydos | Mazunte
heather hughes | Cetology
José Vadi | Tide Will Die
Maggie Millner | Ontologia | Saline Valley
Anca Roncea | “frequency / in neutral tones” | “every nerve is ending”
Timothy Liu | The Eleventh Hour
Ellie Stanford | Aphasic Sonnet
Shara McCallum | Lot’s Wife to Madwoman | Salome to Madwoman | Why Madwoman Shouldn’t Read the News
EJ Koh | Love Appears in Three Lines | Testimony over Tape Recorder | The Wind | The Mountain
Dorinda Wegener | Yield | Trappings


Hasan Sijzi of Delhi| Ghazal 9 | Ghazal 21
translated by Rebecca Gould

Nuno Júdice | An essay on inspiration
translated by
David Swartz

Florencia Pinar | “These birds were born to sing” | “Oh there are those who lose their lives”
translated by Samantha Pious

The cover art for our 46th issue is by Emily Beresford. The cover image is a chromogenic color print and is titled Narcissus.