48th Issue

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Jax NTP “bones for oracles yours or found baby teeth unidentified” “bone broth”

Rachel Atakpa “Black Girl Ghost Story No. 3”

Goldie Negelev “Flashes”

Lo Ferris “Dear Moon” “Grimoire” // other women”

Tamara MC “Time” “Money” “PP” “Notation”

dezireé a. brown “I am tired” “ghazal for flint” “you make me want to write love poems, again”

Rose Auslander “By Executive Order” “Attempt No. 1 (Explaining Myself to My Father the Mathematician)”

Heather Nagami “Easy Grammar”

Ayokunle Falomo “Alien Registration, or the DS-230 is an animal with 2 parts” “An Examination of/on the Monolith (or, on Being Joyful and Nigerian)” “Clifford Constitution, 1922 – A History Condensed”

Renoir Gaither “Back to Old Virginny”

Ada Smailbegovic “Colors and Shapes: Without Monuments”

Marwa Helal “di tych” “afroarab cento”

Anastacia-Renée “Well the Black Girls Don’t Seem to be Talking Today in Class” “Signs”

Claire Marie Stancek “from Oil Spell

Brandon Brown “Things to do in Washington D.C.” “Things to do in Berkeley” “Brandon”

Magdalena Zurawski “A Salve is Less than Salvation” “Boric Id Chowder” “High Mist Toward Noon” “Roneo Room Triptych”

Eric Schmaltz “from Encounters : Structures

Sean Collins “from RiverGladeMountainFarmsMall”

Dong Li “orange yonder blues”

Daniel Benjamin “from LIGHT OFFICE

S Cearley “And now I return you”

Rae Gouirand “Fig Suite”

Benjamin Gucciardi “Cobb Fire Halos”

Holly Mitchell “Farm Centos”

Sarah Thompson “ectopic eyes” “chaos theory”

Colleen Baran “I N T O N E D I D Y L L S” “H E R, H E R E” “D I L A T E S D E T A I L”

Adam Greenberg “from “Fortune”

Helen Hofling “Round vs Electric” “Angle vs Glass” “Satin vs Nature”

Kiyoko Reidy “ways to become old” “the days following my boyfriend’s request that I move in”

Maxwell Shanley “Transits” “Under : Tectonic Memory” “Passes”

Brandon Krieg “Open Letter”

Kirsten Abel “The Raspberries”

The cover art for our 48th issue is by Ricki Dwyer.