CHE Scholarship

Chicanxs/Latinxs in Health Education (CHE) Presents the Paredes-Miramontes Educational Scholarship


Chicanxs/Latinxs in Health Education (CHE) is a community of UC Berkeley students who are not only interested in pursuing a career in the health field, but leaders who use their knowledge to create solutions to the health issues that affect the Chicanx/Latinx community. Our goals include motivating students to pursue a health career, instilling the desire to help the underserved and providing resources to our members. CHE creates a friendly and welcoming environment where members can help and support each other and provide resources to educate the local underserved communities.

CHE was established in 1976 by Chicanx/Latinx students at the University of California, Berkeley. Their goal was to create an organization dedicated to motivate minority students to pursue health careers focused on closing health disparities in the underserved communities. CHE remains a strong group and continues to stay true to its mission since its inception 40 years ago.

The purpose of our annual CHE scholarship is to support and motivate students pursuing a health related career with a strong desire to serve their community. The scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance as a way to ease their way through college. CHE will award $750 scholarships to students that demonstrates a strong interest in a health related career and financial need.

Familia Paredes-Miramontes

In May 2018, it will be 30 years since Benjamin Paredes has been serving food in the Bay Area. It started with his Mexican food restaurant in Fruitvale and continues to this day at the UC Berkeley campus. Benjamin and his wife, Maria Miramontes, along with their 4 daughters have helped fundraise with CHE and other student organizations across campus. Their first presence on the UC Berkeley campus was in 2008 after a student affiliated with CHE spoke with the family about collaborating to raise money for scholarships by selling tacos on Sproul. Ten years later, la familia Paredes Miramontes has created a tradition on the UC Berkeley campus known as “Taco Tuesday.” The value they place on college education drives them continue to give back to the community by hosting events like this. Taco Tuesday has been a growing experience for both CHE and la familia Paredes Miramontes as we continue to work together and help bridge the financial barrier of higher education for the Latinx community.

When it comes to selling food Benjamins motto is

“Mientra los estudiantes sigan comiendo tacos, yo no dejaré de hacer tacos.”

Scholarship Information:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Anyone interested in helping the Latinx/Chicanx community may apply
  • *No* GPA Requirement and *No* Letter of Recommendation needed
  • Be a UC Berkeley student that has at least one academic semester remaining
  • Proof of Fall 2019 enrollment upon request
  • Must be pursuing a career in Health (Pharmacy, Public Health, Medicine, Dental, etc)
  • Students are eligible to receive the scholarship regardless of immigration or citizenship status

To Apply:

  • Provide general personal information and answer both prompts provided
  • Application must be submitted by Tuesday, April 30, 2019 by 11:59pm (No late applications will be considered)
  • The application form can be found and submitted here: If you have difficulty accessing a computer to send us your application please send your completed application to:

     Hector Rodriguez: Attention CHE Scholarship

     Center for Public Health Practice

     50 University Hall, Room 245

     Berkeley, CA 94720

Essay Prompts

Prompt One: Why are you interested in pursuing a health related career*? How have you demonstrated involvement within the Chicanx/Latinx community and how would you use your career plans/goals/dreams to give back to the community?(*Note: Health related careers can include but are not limited to medicine, physician assistant, medical assistant, nursing, dentistry, optometry, public health, pharmacy, research, psychiatry/mental health, etc.)

Max Word Limit: 1,000 words

Prompt Two: How would this scholarship ease your transition through college? What impact would this scholarship have on your education? (State any special personal or family circumstances that affect your financial need. e.g. first generation college student, etc.)

Max Word Limit: 500

Spring 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Jennifer Andrade 

"I am an intended Public Health major and food systems minor. As of now, I plan to enroll in a post- baccalaureate program following undergrad and apply to medical school with the intent of specializing in Obstetrics and gynecology. I am very privileged to be at this institution. I  hope to give back to my community by working towards reforming the health-care system so that it is more culturally conscious and equitable for all, regardless of income or immigration status."

Athalee Aguilar

"Hi! My name is Athalee Aguilar and I am majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Biochemistry! I aim to use biochemical principles to answer neurodegenerative and genetic questions by getting an MD/ PhD dual degree. Ultimately,I will be using these tools to help find a cure for Alzheimer's disease and spread knowledge and education about prominent diseases and illnesses to my communities. "

Steve Acuna 

"I will be attending the University of Redlands to pursue my education and soccer dreams. I want to be a Dentist or an assistant in the Dental field."

Leslie Quezada 

"I will be attending California State University Fullerton in the fall, and will be majoring in Health Science.  I plan on continuing my education and becoming a Nurse Practitioner."

Janette Hernandez 

"My name is Janette Hernandez Barcenas. I will be attending Mount Saint Mary’s University in the fall. I will major in Nursing, with the intention of becoming a Neonatal Nurse.