Chicanxs/Latinxs in Health Education
Internship Program Fall 2023
The CHE internship program is designed for CHE members to further deepen their involvement with the organization. The internship allows students to brief themselves on how CHE is run, hence giving them a better understanding of officers’ duties and expectations. Similarly, the internship promotes the development of leadership skills including organizational skills, time management and public speaking skills. Ultimately, this program aims at maintaining CHE’s strong working and supportive community among interns, officers and members.

Application: Apply Here

Due: September 20 @ 11:59pm

Available Intern Positions

Co-chair  |  Fundraising  |  Historian  |  Networking 

Publicity  |  Public Relations  |  Secretary  |  Treasurer  |  Conference Coordinator 

CHE Interns’ Guidelines
• Optional CHE; 1 unit (refer to the requirements for Units).
• Must attend all General and Business meetings, unless there is a conflict in which it must be approved by their Officer.
• Must turn in an application and submit it by the deadline unless otherwise consented from the Co-Chairs.
• Intern positions are one-semester positions; students have the opportunity to run again for any position they have not held in forthcoming semesters.


CHE Interns’ Basic Duties (In addition to specified position selected for)

• Must be able to attend all General and Business Meetings unless they are excused by their Intern officer, who must be informed no later than a day before.

• Must attend mandatory Intern meeting with the Interns’ Coordinators, (Historians & Senior Advisor). These meetings allow interns to provide feedback, check on their status, assign duties and provide a space for interaction amongst interns.

• Will work with one another in order to design, plan and execute Health Presentations which will be then offered to the community.

• Interns will be active in most of CHE activities and complete their unit requirements

• Interns will help officers with their events and be given duties throughout the semester

• Deadline to submit application: September 20th @11:59pm
• Please read Interns’ Guidelines before filling out applications:

• Please reference the CHE Calendar for important dates and deadlines such as upcoming meetings: CHE Calendar
• If you have any questions feel free to contact: or

CHE Officer/Intern Descriptions

Please read the officers’ duties in order to determine what position you would like to contribute to. The bold headers in blue next to each position indicate the events or activities that you will be expected to take part in.

CHE Officer Descriptions : Here!

CHE Officer Application: End of Spring Semester