About Us
With over 13,000 members worldwide, Circle K International is the largest collegiate student-led service organization in the world. Circle K revolves around three core tenets: service, leadership, and fellowship.
*From 2021-2022 Term
Circle K provides many opportunity for members to become more involved in their campuses and communities through service. From events like volunteering at an animal shelter to raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, members of Circle K aim to make their mark on the world to make it a better place for everyone.
In addition to service, Circle K also has many other opportunities within the organization for individuals to develop themselves as leaders. With professional development workshops, members of the club can learn new skills and prepare themselves for post-college life. On all levels of the club, there are also opportunities for members to become more directly involved with the leadership of the club, including chairing their own service projects or working on board.
Circle K is not only a service organization, but it is also a place of community. With the family system, the mentor-mentee system, or the countless number of socials, members of Circle K are sure to be able to find their place within this tight-knit community and make lifelong friends.
Our Family Beyond Campus
The Golden Gate Division is a group of Circle K clubs located in the eastern part of the Bay Area. Clubs within the Golden Gate Division often collaborate with one another through events like the monthly Divisional Council Meetings (DCM), where clubs gather to give their updates, and the monthly Divisional Service Projects (DSP), where members of the Golden Gate Division work together in a large service event.
Schools within the Golden Gate Division
The CNH District of Circle K is a supergroup of nine divisions in the three states of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. These divisions meet together for several annual district-wide events, including Fall Training Conference (FTC), Crazy Kompetition for Infants North/South (CKI North/South), District Large-Scale Service Project (DLSSP), and District Convention (DCON).
Divisions within the CNH District
  • Capital
  • Central Coast
  • Desert Oasis
  • Foothill
  • Golden Gate
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Metro
  • Paradise
  • Sunset
Kiwanis International is a service organization dedicated to improving the lives of children within different communities all around the world. To accomplish and spread this mission, Kiwanis Clubs often sponsor Kiwanis Family clubs at different branches:
Our sponsoring Kiwanis International Club is Berkeley Kiwanis.