Continuous Projects
Continuous projects are service projects that we as a club have repeatedly had over a period of time. Some continuous projects to look out for this year are Transcribe Tedx Talks and Zooniverse. (*Note these service projects are online)
Animal Shelter
Animal Shelter is one of our most popular continuous service projects! At the event, we help walk dogs and play with cats in order for them to be more easily adopted! If you like to play with animals with lots of other animal lovers, come check this event out!
Prisoners Literature Project
Prisoners Literature Project (PLP) is a new continuous service project that offers service to a new community: those that are incarcerated. At PLP, volunteers are able to read letters from those incarcerated, pick out books that they request, fill out logistics for the package, and finally package the books together.
St. Marks Hot Meals
St. Marks helps out the homeless community directly around campus. At St. Marks, we have the opportunity to help cook food as well as serve the food to the homeless. It is an extremely meaningful event that has immediate effect on the good that you're doing for the community. If you care for the homeless, this event is for you!
Kiwanis Service Inn
During Kiwanis Service Inn, we make Pediatric Trauma Program dolls and cut tennis balls to put under school desk legs. This is a great opportunity to bond with other members and Kiwanians and enjoy a home cooked meal with Berkeley Kiwanis.
Transcribe TEDx Talks
Transcribe TED Talks is a continuous service event that happens every first Friday of the month. At this event, we help TED Talks reach a wider audience by providing English subtitles for the videos. Essentially, we watch the TED Talk videos to type out their speech and add timestamps to the subtitles. This is a great opportunity to help these videos reach more people, such as those who are deaf or hearing impaired!
Zooniverse is a continuous service event that takes place every third Friday of the month. Zooniverse is an online platform containing a variety of research projects in the sciences and humanities that volunteers can contribute to. Each research project provides simple instructions and tasks for volunteers to complete. This is an easy way to contribute to research in a virtual setting!