Single Service Committee

Joy Xie

Single Service Chair

Welcome to Single Service!

Hey there! My name is Joy Xie, and I'm a second-year Business major. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but I moved to Shanghai, China shortly after and grew up there. Apart from single service which I absolutely LOVE, I also enjoy playing badminton, piano, and watching too much Netflix. I am always down for every and any type of food, so hit me up anytime to grab boba and talk!

Hey everyone! As you are all aware, Circle K International is a community service organization, which also includes planning service events of all sizes. The Single Service chair, me, and my committee will work on planning larger service events around the Berkeley-Oakland area. I want to create fun and memorable service projects that bring great joy to all general members, as well as to the members of our local community. If you're interested in participating in directly creating a large service project, come out to the Single Service committee meetings!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Let me know in person or send me an email!