Editorial Board

Clio’s Scroll currently maintains an editorial board consisting of two Co-Editors-in-Chief, a Managing Editor, and Associate Editors.

Reva Kale and Miranda Jiang, Co-Editors in Chief

Reva Kale is a junior studying History and minoring in Public Policy. She is interested in legal history as well as the history of South Asian migration to the United States. In addition to Clio’s Scroll, she works as an organizer for a nonprofit, serves as a volunteer tutor, and is hoping to become fluent in Spanish. She enjoys binge-watching Game of Thrones and exploring all the good places to eat in the Bay!

Miranda Jiang is a senior majoring in History and French. Her senior thesis focuses on crime and print culture in 1920s French-occupied Vietnam. She has previously worked on Chinese American history with the Oral History Center at UC Berkeley and the 150 Years of Women History Project. She has worked as a URAP and SURF summer fellow. She also enjoys playing the carillon, writing creatively, and practicing languages with friends, family, and strangers.

Katherine Booska, Managing Editor

Katherine is a third-year student from rural Angwin, California, majoring in History, and considering a minor in Politics, Philosophy, and Law. She is interested in religious history, intellectual history, the history of morality, and intersections between law and religion in the United States. Katherine also studies Russian and Hebrew. Outside of her classes, Katherine is a Conduct caseworker at the Student Advocate’s Office and tutors writing at the Student Learning Center. For comedic relief, she improvises with Best Laid Plans Improv and Improv 4 Charity, and writes sketches for Bootleg Sketch Comedy. Katherine loves long trail runs in the hills of Berkeley, visiting independent bookstores, and watching the newts at the UC Botanical Garden.

Bella An, Associate Editor

Bella is a fourth-year student from Orange County, CA majoring in History and Legal Studies. Her focus is on how early Christianity and law shaped the Roman Empire. Her other interests include Bay Area politics and legal theory. In her free time, Bella enjoys film photography, exploring different coffee shops around the Bay, and going on really, really long walks.

Parker Bovée, Associate Editor

Parker is a senior from Sacramento, California majoring in History. Coming from a family with two other History majors, he has always been deeply interested in understanding the past. Parker hopes to focus his undergraduate work and beyond on the American West in exploring differing notions of American identity along ethnic and economic lines. Aside from worrying too much about exams, he is regularly disappointed by his hometown Sacramento Kings, frustrated by Liverpool FC, and captivated by a wide array of music.

Kacie Cosgrove, Associate Editor

Kacie is a second-year student from Valley Springs, California. She is majoring in History and French, and her emphasis in history is on the cultural history of the United States in the 20th century. She hopes to write her senior thesis on the topic of forced sterilization of indigenous women in the United States in the late 20th century. Overall, she is interested in the power dynamics between oppressors and oppressed groups throughout world history. Outside of Clio’s Scroll, she is a caseworker for the Suitcase Clinic at UC Berkeley and is a member of the UC Rally Committee. In her free time, she enjoys eating Thai food, writing letters to friends and family, and being in nature.

Adam Hagen, Associate Editor

Adam is a junior from Sacramento, California majoring in history. He is interested in the political and economic ideologies of Modern Europe, especially their manifestation in the great conflicts of the twentieth century. Outside of class, he enjoys watching movies, binging Survivor, keeping a finger on the cultural pulse, and pining for the modest enchantment of the Central Valley.

Hannah Pearson, Associate Editor

Hannah is a third-year transfer student from Concord, California majoring in History. It was during her senior year in high school that she found her calling in history, thanks to her teacher, Dr. Andrew Hubbell. Her area of interest is in American History, specifically 20th century conflicts. She also has an interest in the Atlantic Revolutions of the late 18th and early 19th century. In her free time, she enjoys watching TV shows and movies, listening to Spotify playlists, and planning her next adventures. She hopes to become a historian and work for the US government.

Lillian Morgenthaler, Associate Editor

Lilly is a senior from Menlo Park, California majoring in History and Ancient Greek and Roman Studies. She is especially interested in the history of ancient religions, marriage traditions, and gender roles under the Roman empire. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels (and the occasional biography), baking, and watching historical dramas.

Ronan Morrill, Associate Editor

Ronan is a sophomore from Redwood City, California majoring in history. He is interested in the history of the ancient Mediterranean as well as 20th century American and Irish history. In his free time, Ronan enjoys watching soccer, reading, running, and listening to music.

Tessa Mouw, Associate Editor

Tessa Mouw is a third-year history major from Los Angeles focusing primarily on European History in post-Columbian times. On a pre-law track, Tessa is particularly interested in the evolution of law and the changing meanings of citizenship and inclusion throughout history. Tessa is also interested in the history of food from the perspective of how certain foods become integral parts of cultural identity, as well as how global politics have been driven by the desire to gain access to certain ingredients. Tessa is also a historical research intern for CGO Studios, a company that creates virtual reality recreations of historical events. In her spare time, she enjoys watching documentaries, working on art projects, and cooking new recipes.

Vincent Liu, Associate Editor

Vincent Liu is a sophomore from Los Angeles pursuing a majoring in history. His focus is mainly on 20th century America, specifically its foreign policy and changing relationships with other countries. In his spare time, Vincent enjoys watching basketball, playing video games, and walking his dog.  

Xiaolu “Nina” Liu, Associate Editor

Nina is a sophomore pursuing a major in History. Her current focus is China, particularly the modern period. She is particularly intrigued by the dynamics of human interactions shaping identities of self, political ideologies, economic structures, and cultural norms. She is also committed to learn more about conflicts in human societies from a historical perspective and ways to promote justice, unity and equity, using historical knowledge. Academic interests aside, she is an avid reader, a passionate novelist, a film aficionado and a TV-drama fan who often cries herself to sleep when deeply touched. She loves art and museums as well as music – all soul-shaking experiences with one’s innermost being that makes one human.

Ashley Yang, Associate Editor

Ashley is a second year transfer from UCSC double majoring in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies and History. Her research interests lie in the politics in art and visual culture. In her free time, Ashley enjoys tending to her many plants as well as avoiding any and all translations possible until the very last minute to preserve her sanity.