Editorial Board

Clio’s Scroll currently maintains an editorial board consisting of two Co-Editors-in-Chief, two Managing Editor, and Associate Editors.

Aarohini Ghosh and Jaclyn Quan, Co-Editors in Chief

Aarohini Ghosh is a third-year history major from London, United Kingdom. She is interested in Public History and Postcolonialism and hopes to pursue a career in humanitarian law or international development after her studies. Outside of her academics, Aarohini enjoys exploring new cafes, listening to podcasts and writing poetry.

Jaclyn Quan is a fourth-year history major and data science minor from Southern California. Her main research interests lie within the political and social history of 20th century Latin and Central America with a specific emphasis on American intervention in the region and left-wing social movements. She is also interested in Cold War history and immigration/diaspora studies. Outside of class, Jaclyn enjoys going on boba runs, listening to new hip hop music, and watching cringe-worthy TV shows.

Malayna Chang, Managing Editor

Malayna Chang is a second-year history and comparative literature double major with a minor in public policy from Moraga, California, just two cities away from Berkeley. She is on the pre-law track and hopes to pursue a career in criminal defense or contract law. Her intended area of concentration within history is modern Western European history, though she is also interested in East Asian history. Outside of school, Malayna enjoys going to concerts, watching Formula One Grand Prixs, reading, watching old movies and foreign films, and grabbing boba with friends in downtown Berkeley and SF!

Sophie Duryee, Managing Editor

Sophie Duryee is a third year student from Marin County, California. She is studying Political Economy and Chinese at UC Berkeley. She is especially interested in Ancient Mediterranean and legal history. Outside of school she is a member of Phi Alpha Delta fraternity as well as a member of Berkeley’s Political Computer Science club.

Will Brandt, Associate Editor

Will Brandt is a fourth-year History student from the Los Angeles area. His research currently is focused on how Southern California was shaped in the 20th century by the emerging automobile and how this societal shift replaced previous modes of transportation. Besides areas of American urban history, Will is also interested in the Political History of Europe and Asia in the 1930s and 1940s and understanding the impact of industrialization/mass urban living in the early 20th century. When he’s not nose deep in books, Will is usually working on his cooking skills, going on hikes in the Berkeley hills, and watching old movies.

Kacie Cosgrove, Associate Editor

Kacie Cosgrove is a senior from Valley Springs, California. She is majoring in History and French, and her emphasis in history is on the cultural history of the United States in the 20th century. Overall, she is interested in the power dynamics between oppressors and oppressed groups throughout world history. In her free time, she enjoys eating Thai food, writing letters to friends and family, and being in nature.

Ava Escobedo, Associate Editor

Ava Escobedo is a second-year History major pursuing a minor in Global Studies. Her field of concentration is Latin American colonialism and imperialism, particularly in relation to the history of Mexico. She is passionate about public history and studying history from different and untold perspectives, and hopes to bring this passion into her future career. At UC Berkeley, Ava is a research fellow at the Institute of International Affairs and an intern for the Oral History Center.

Miriam Klaczynska, Associate Editor

Miriam Klaczynska is a second-year student majoring in History, with a concentration in the history of science. She grew up in Krakow, Poland, but completed high school in Irvine, California. Her research interests lie in Cold War technological innovations and the politics surrounding the era. Miriam hopes to compose her undergraduate thesis on how Cold War secrecy and scare tactics influence the modern aerospace sector. Outside of Clio’s Scroll, she is an active member of the Daily Californian, where she works as a writer and editor. 

David Kline, Associate Editor

David Kline is a fourth-year student majoring in History and Political Science, with concentrations in economic history and political theory. He is particularly interested in neoliberalism and political representation. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, and learning new things. 

Azura Lê Haynes, Associate Editor

Azura Lê Haynes is a fourth-year History major and Global Studies minor raised in the SF Bay Area. Her research interests include the history of popular labor movements in the United States. She is currently working on her senior thesis analyzing the rise of the Workingmen’s Party of California in 1877 and how racism as a core tenet of the party divided the labor movement. On campus, she participates in Vietnamese traditional dance and interns at Renters’ Legal Assistance. 

Ronan Morill, Associate Editor

Ronan Morill is a senior from Redwood City, CA studying History. He is interested in American 20th century political history and the history of architecture and city planning. Outside of Clio’s Scroll, Ronan is a rower for Cal Lightweight Crew. In his spare time you will find him watching soccer and movies, hiking and trail running, or reading a good book.

Rosa Murphy, Associate Editor

Rosa Murphy is a third-year History major and Chemistry minor from San Francisco, California. She is interested in cultural and legal history, particularly in relation to books, media, and science. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in intellectual property law or history. Outside of school, she works at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels, thrifting, and watching baseball.

Daniel Wong, Associate Editor

Daniel Wong is a junior majoring in Political Science and Slavic Languages & Literatures, and minoring in History. He is particularly interested in Eastern Europe in the 20th Century. Outside of academics at Berkeley, Daniel is also involved in theater with BareStage Productions, and also enjoys learning languages in his spare time.