Editorial Board

Clio’s Scroll currently maintains an editorial board consisting of two Co-Editors-in-Chief, a Managing Editor, and Associate Editors.

David Villani and Phil Hanna, Co-Editors in Chief

David Villani is a third-year history major pursuing a minor in Arabic. Originally from Pisa, Italy, he went to school in the DC area. He hopes to write a senior thesis on the history of the French colonial empire. At the moment, his research interests lie in the various ways in which different colonial subjects in sub-Saharan Africa expressed political and social agency in the constructive and destructive phases of the empire. He is also interested in Early Modern European history, cooking, development economics, Italian movies, and French novels.

Phil Hanna is a senior from Southern California majoring in History and German, with an emphasis on the social history of 20th-century Germany, specifically the Weimar period. In his senior thesis, he hopes to explore this period through the lens of military youth groups across the political spectrum. Among his other interests are the history of fascism, ideological extremism, and youth history. After his time at Berkeley, he hopes to continue to complete a Ph.D. and work in the field of historical research.

Hannah Pearson, Managing Editor

Hannah Pearson is a fourth-year transfer student from Concord, California. She is majoring in History, with her area of concentration being 20th-century conflicts. For her senior thesis, she is exploring the end of World War I in the US by examining the Treaty Ratification Debate in the American press. During her senior year in high school, she found her calling in history thanks to her teacher and mentor, Dr. Andrew Hubbell. Outside of Clio’s Scroll, Hannah is the Membership Chair of Phi Alpha Theta, Berkeley’s History Honors Society. She is also the Director of Special Events for the University of California Rally Committee. In her free time, she enjoys watching action, sci-fi, crime, and historical TV shows/movies, creating and listening to Spotify playlists, and planning her next adventures. After she graduates, Hannah hopes to earn her Ph.D., eventually become a historian and work in the field of academia.

Kacie Cosgrove, Associate Editor

Kacie Cosgrove is a third-year student from Valley Springs, California. She is majoring in History and French, and her emphasis in history is on the cultural history of the United States in the 20th century. She hopes to write her senior thesis on the topic of forced sterilization of Indigenous women in the United States in the late 20th century. Overall, she is interested in the power dynamics between oppressors and oppressed groups throughout world history. In her free time, she enjoys eating Thai food, writing letters to friends and family, and being in nature.

William Cheney, Associate Editor

William Cheney is a fourth-year student majoring in History and English, with a minor in Creative Writing. He is interested in the thematic and narrative overlaps between medieval and modern works of fiction. Outside of Clio’s Scroll, Will works as a member of the Intermission Orchestra’s audio staff. In his free time, he enjoys reading speculative fiction, exploring new restaurants, composing electronic music, and alternating between working and procrastinating on an original game project.

Sophie Duryee, Associate Editor

Sophie Duryee is a sophomore at Berkeley studying Political Economy and Chinese. Her planned concentration is global inequality. She has always been fascinated with history, especially ancient history and archeology. Outside of school she is a board member of Political Computer Science club and an avid weightlifter.

Anthony Lin, Associate Editor

Anthony Lin is a third-year history major from the Bay Area. His focus is American racialization, especially around immigrant communities. Outside of academics, his interests include chess and overdosing on coffee.

Jade Lumada, Associate Editor

Jade Lumada is a senior from Long Beach, California majoring in history and South & Southeast Asian studies. Her studies focus on marginalized groups in the United States, and her senior thesis will analyze Filipino immigrant history in 20th-century America. Outside of school, Jade works as a peer adviser for the College of Letters and Science. Jade likes to unwind by crocheting, embroidering, and making jewelry for her family and friends.

Ronan Morrill, Associate Editor

Ronan Morrill is a third-year student from Redwood City studying History. He is interested in American political history and American foreign policy during the 20th century. Outside of Clio’s Scroll, Ronan is a rower for the Cal Lightweight Crew. In his spare time you will find him watching soccer and movies, hiking and trail running, or reading a good book.

Rosa Murphy, Associate Editor

Rosa Murphy is a third-year History major and Chemistry minor from San Francisco, California. She is interested in cultural and legal history, particularly in relation to books, media, and science. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in intellectual property law or history. Outside of school, she works at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels, thrifting, and watching baseball.

Elliott Nerenberg, Associate Editor

Elliott Nerenberg is a senior studying world history in the 20th century, with a focus on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. He has also studied the Russian language and the history of Japan. Before deciding on the history major, he also spent some time studying political theory. This foundation has informed his other interest in political history. In his free time, when he’s not glued to a screen reading for his history classes, he likes to draw, play video games, read manga, and write silly short stories for his friends.

Jaclyn Quan, Associate Editor

Jaclyn Quan is a third-year history major and data science minor from Southern California. Her main research interests lie within the political and social history of 20th century Latin and Central America with a specific emphasis on American intervention in the region and left-wing social movements. She is also interested in Cold War history and immigration/diaspora studies. Outside of class, Jaclyn enjoys going on boba runs, listening to new hip hop music, and watching cringe-worthy TV shows.

Daniel Wong, Associate Editor

Daniel Wong is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Slavic Languages & Literatures, and minoring in History. He is particularly interested in Eastern Europe in the 20th Century. Outside of academics at Berkeley, Daniel is also involved in theater with BareStage Productions, and also enjoys learning languages in his spare time.