Editorial Board

Clio’s Scroll currently maintains an editorial board consisting of an Editor-in-Chief, a Managing Editor, and eleven Associate Editors.

Emma Bianco, editor-in-chief

Emma Bianco is a senior majoring in history and American Studies. Her focus is the United State’s relationship with the USSR, and the study of ideology and propaganda in the 1950s and 60s. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and watching BBC murder mysteries.

Zachary Handler, managing editor

Zachary Handler is a senior concentrating in Early Modern Europe, with interests in Poland-Lithuania, military history, and Jewish history. He positions himself more broadly as a student of pre-industrial Europe, and of the pre-industrial world. Outside of history, he engages in environmental activism and student government at Bowles Hall.

Camryn Bell, editor

Camryn Bell is a senior majoring in history with a focus on 20th century United States history and library history. In her free time she enjoys exploring the Bay Area and going to concerts.

Madison Burson, editor

Madison Burson is a senior history major with a particular interest in 20th century German social and cultural history. In her leisure time, Madison enjoys trying new restaurants and going to concerts.

Geraint Hughes, editor

Geraint is a third-year History and Classics double major, hoping to either go into International Relations or become a history professor (fingers crossed). His favorite area of study is the Roman Empire (Ancient Greece being a close second), with a dash of modern geopolitics on the side-although he will voraciously read anything on any time or place. When not buried in schoolwork, he can be found buried in sci-fi/fantasy novels or looking for good places to eat throughout the Bay.

Richard Lim, editor

Richard Lim is a senior majoring in history, with a particular focus on mid 20th century Sino-Vietnamese relations, and a minor in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies. His other scholastic interests include the evolution of Asian American political activism and Southeast Asian diaspora formation. Outside of History, you can find him embarking on “food crawls,” or at political rallies “repping the 626.” 

Gregory Eng, editor

Gregory Eng is a Junior from Pasadena majoring in Political Science and History. With a historical emphasis on the politics of the 20th century, he is especially interested in how issues such as decolonization, ideological rivalries, and globalization shape current political controversies

Charlotte Laurence, editor

Charlotte Laurence is a senior majoring in History. Her focus is in history of reproductive science in the early 20th century. In her free time she loves to swim, go to San Fransisco and (try) to bake.

Brian Tsui, editor

Brian is a senior pursuing a major in History with a concentration on early twentieth century US foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific, and a minor in Public Policy. His research interests include international institutions, Republican China, and ancient Rome. In his free time, he enjoys stepping into other worlds through the portal of science fiction, and learning to cook.

Dane Anderson, editor

Dane Anderson is a sophomore majoring in History and pursuing minors in English literature and classical languages. He is interested in the intellectual history of the West, with emphasis on the historiography of ancient Rome. Outside of class, Dane enjoys constructing jigsaw puzzles and reading P.G. Wodehouse.

Sophia Brown-Heidenreich, editor

Sophia Brown-Heidenreich is a sophomore history major from Berlin, Germany. Her research interests include early United States foreign policy and the transatlantic world. In her free time, she practices local journalism and likes to go on runs through north Berkeley.

Saffron Sener, editor

Saffron Sener is a sophomore studying History and Art History. She hopes to focus her studies on Early Colonial America. When she’s not in Doe reading or researching, you can find her watching Law & Order: SVU or rollerskating through SF.

Duncan Wanless, editor

Duncan Wanless is a sophomore majoring in Spanish and History. He is especially passionate about the history of religion and literature in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States.