Jeeva Clinic

UC Berkeley

Jeeva Clinic was founded in UC Berkeley as a way to raise awareness about the cardiovascular epidemic that has been prevalent within the South Asian community.

Jeeva Clinic provides basic health information services to its patients, targeting the Bay Area South Asian population. We provide the following information under the guidance and supervision of an on-site physician:

  • Height/Weight Measurement
  • Blood pressure readings
  • Health education
  • Basic Vitals

*COVID-19 Update:

During this semester of remote learning, our activities have shifted to include discussion-based meetings. We have lots of interesting and relevant topics that members will be presenting each meeting. We are trying to incorporate a more interactive space by initiating activities that support community health as well as broader social movements like the BLM Movement.

We also plan on partnering with other organizations and bringing in various guest speakers to help with our goals of raising awareness about cardiovascular health in the South Asian population. We hope that this semester will be an opportunity to expand Jeeva’s impact beyond clinics while continuing to work towards our mission. If you would like to see us collaborate with your organization, please contact our Presidents Shivani B. and Neha S.