Paul Klee, Vor dem Blitz (1923)

I am especially interested in starting points in philosophy: the methods, axioms, goals, and values that make philosophical discoveries possible.

My dissertation, A Haunting Conviction: Frege on Truth and Logic, is about Frege’s view that it belongs to the nature of truth to figure in the goals of science, such as explanation. For Frege and the Neo-Kantian philosophers in his philosophical milieu, this is why truth is a value, whose significance is comparable with that of goodness and beauty. My dissertation explores this view and its implications for Frege’s logical and linguistic philosophy. You can find a more detailed description of my dissertation here. You can read a chapter about what Frege thinks logic is here, and one about how Frege thinks we know the basic axioms of logic here.

I am interested in Frege’s views about this because I think there is a lot to be said for them. In addition to further historical work, I am currently working on making a non-historical case that we should think of truth the way Frege did. You can read more about my current projects here.