Executive Director

Katia is a third-year undergraduate studying MEB! She loves learning about infectious disease, wildlife, history — and (of course) the One Health model. When she’s not busy, she enjoys exploring California and baking pastries.

Internal Director

Andreea is a 4th year MEB student! For as long as she can remember she has been dreaming about becoming a veterinarian but is unsure if she wants to specialize in surgery,  pursue small animal medicine, or branch out to wildlife conservation/veterinary medicine. She was on the Cal beach volleyball team and when not working, she enjoys hiking (being outdoors), painting, spending time with friends, and watching movies!

External Director

Alyssa is a fourth year majoring in Integrative Biology and English with a minor in Global Public Health. She is passionate about science communication and education, and in the future she hopes to contribute to these areas as a public health veterinarian. When she’s not busy with school, she spends much of her free time tutoring for Bio 1B, teaching elementary students about One Health, and playing the tenor saxophone in the Cal Band.

Director of Administrative Affairs

Delia is a fourth-year MEB student who is currently waiting to hear back from vet schools! She has a background in wildlife conservation, but is now leaning toward companion animal medicine in order to foster the connection people have with their animals. She enjoys hiking, crafts, and hanging out with her dog Bo. 

Director of Marketing and Outreach

Isabelle is a third-year studying MCB and public health. She hopes to attend medical school after undergraduate and is very interested in neuroscience. She loves to dance, cycle, and hike.

Conference and Website Coordinator

Tiffany is a third year MCB student studying biochemistry and minoring in bioengineering. She is working towards a career in healthcare and is interested in the intersection between health, technology, and the environment. She loves cats, coffee, plants, and relaxing with a good book.

Director of Design

Lucas is a 4th year MEB student minoring in global public health. Lucas is most interested in studying the intersections between humans and their immediate environment. He is hoping to apply to a Masters of Public Health or Medicine in Tokyo, Japan after graduating from Berkeley. He is interested in applying to medical school after attaining a masters. He loves to play soccer, football, and basketball. As well as enjoys going on hikes and exploring the Bay area. 

Seminar Coordinators

Kyra is a 4th year MCB student minoring in global public health. Kyra is most interested in the intersection between healthcare, public health, and the environment! When not in the classroom, Kyra loves to hike, run, swim, and go to the beach.

Lizz is a 4th year MCB student! She is hoping to apply to med school after a few gap years, and loves learning about ways to make healthcare more accessible and equitable. She loves plants, finding good eats around the Bay, and is slightly addicted to her Notion and Google Calendar.