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I’ve read many books over the course of my book blogging years, but looking back, I cannot recall ever reading a book about twins. Maybe it’s just my memory failing me, or maybe I really haven’t read one.

So understandably, when the opportunity to read a mystery thriller concerning twin sisters came my way, I was delighted beyond measure.

Read on to know more about my thoughts on the book, ‘Twins in Trouble’ and how was my experience of reading it.

What to expect?

Expect a book that has a good mix of family drama, campus dynamics, college romance, friendly fights, and banter combined with a decent dose of intrigue and mystery.

Expect a book that manages to narrate a simple story in an uncomplicated fashion. Finally, expect a book that has much more to offer than a regular and cliché college romance.

Who can read?

Since the book makes use of a simple language, it can be easily picked up by a beginner level reader.

Let’s talk about the storyline

Rhea and Riniget are identical twins who get entangled in a sinister drug deal while attempting an innocent prank to fool a hairstylist. The idea was to switch identities for an evening, but they ended up switching their fates instead.

In the mess that follows, Rhea’s name gets tarnished and she makes it to the headlines of newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, Police Officer Aman starts tracking Rhea’s movements and activities because of his well-placed suspicions.

He is in the process of collecting substantial proofs against her. He also believes that Rhea double-crossed his brother Amar and is the sole reason why Amar was shot during a drug-racket-bust-gone-wrong and is now in a coma.

Later, Rhea manages to reach Delhi and enrolls herself in an MBA college. College life offers her some solace, but she constantly finds herself landing into tricky situations and surrounded by people trying to derail her normal life.

What follows is a roller coaster ride that makes for a mildly adventurous and charming read, and that narrates to us the story of these diametrically opposite twin sisters.

How good are the characters?

The best aspect of ‘Twins in Trouble’ is its characters. The contrasting personalities of the twins keep the reader captivated. It also paints the narrative with a burst of fresh colors.

The incidents and conversations do well to establish the traits of various characters. Shailesh’s notoriety and his unassuming charm add a flavor-packed punch to the mix.

Police officers Aman and Ravi also manage to make a mark upon the reader.

What about the writing style?

The author makes use of everyday English which is well suited to the tastes and preferences of young readers.

The plot is well-conceived, and the narrative is drafted with careful thought and precision. However, elements of thrill and mystery are present only in mild doses.

Certain scenarios are too obvious, and some others too naïve. These take away the sinister and dangerous undertones of the book that both the blurb and cover seem to suggest.

What did I like?

The story begins on an interesting note, with the reader trying to make sense of a dangerous situation. This technique to catch the reader’s attention from the very first page is often used by many popular authors, and I must say that it works its magic every single time.

For the better part of the story, the pace, though not racy, is fairly stable. Life on campus and the many facets of friendship takes the reader on a trip down the memory lane.

The drug angle is quite innovative in conception. Executed with a little more craft and enigma – it would have skyrocketed the entertainment quotient.

The romance angle is also quite interesting. Hate-to-love relationships are always intriguing and the chemistry, intensity, and contradictions that such a relationship thrives upon, are all present in varying doses.

What could have been better?

The editing required a little more work in certain places. It won’t do well to say that the book is poorly edited, but it does have some issues which will be noticeable to a keen eye.

Another one of my qualms is about the forced romance between the other two characters. It seemed ‘too filmy’ to my Bollywood-saturated brain.

What did I not like?

There are instances in the book when some conversations seem forced, while some seem impractical. The interactions between Aman and China Doll (the name is a definite cliché) seem ludicrous, not to mention stereotypical and also unimaginative.

In other places, the preachy tones and the subtly veiled moral lessons take away the pace of the book, lending it a monotonous undertone.

As a reader though, it’s not the moral preaching that is the problem, but their insignificance in the overall scheme of things that is bothersome.

Though I enjoyed the way most characters have been shaped and molded, I did find it hard to come to terms with Rhea’s naivety and immaturity. For a girl of twenty-two, she is surprisingly unwise in the ways of the world.

Let’s talk about the climax

Twins in Trouble’ manages to chalk out an unexpected climax which comes as a pleasant surprise in the end.

There is no doubt that the end is unpredictable, but the amateurish writing visibly reduces the sinister vibe, which would have gone well with the skillfully crafted conclusion.

It all comes down to entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, the book offers it in fairly decent doses. The exciting plot did present many opportunities to sky-rocket the entertainment, but the writing doesn’t manage to cash on it.

In the end

Twins in Trouble’ will especially find appeal in beginner level readers who like reading campus stories, albeit with a bit of twist.

For regular readers though, the writing would fail to make an indelible mark on their minds. This being the writer’s first attempt at fiction writing, the book should be appreciated for its novel plotline and its dynamic ensemble of characters.

Pick the book if

Skip the book if

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