quan m. nguyen

The world's most advanced compiler

People have many opinions about compilers. Some say GCC is the best. Others say LLVM is the bee’s knees. I disagree.

The best compiler is PowerPoint. Here’s why.

  • PowerPoint understands all languages. It even understands pseudocode!
  • PowerPoint produces no errors or warnings during compilation. If it crashes, it even creates an auto-saved backup.
  • PowerPoint, a truly internationalized compiler, supports colored syntax, symbols, and ClipArt.
  • It contains a fully graphical IDE, greatly lowering the learning curve for beginners.
  • Released in 19901, it has been around as long as GCC (released 1987)2
  • PowerPoint infers curly braces (if your language uses them).
  • During execution, all semantic errors are dynamically fixed, and even allows for dynamic runtime optimization.

Try PowerPoint for your next programming project!