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Name: Leia Skywalker
Website: Star Wars Internet Story
Referred by: Other (please specify)
From: Ohio
Time: 1998-08-01 01:55:52
Comments: cool! I found your page by clicking on your site by looking up "guestbook" on the Search in Geocities.

Name: cancel/delate
Referred by: Other (please specify)
From: baseball league
Time: 1998-07-31 22:20:38
Comments: Get ready for footballl baby-i will kcik you butt

Name: harry johnson
Referred by: Other (please specify)
Time: 1998-07-28 00:30:52
Comments: Pitching is diluted nowadays, come back from retirement!

Name: Phil Hough
Referred by: Other (please specify)
From: Sheffield, England
Time: 1998-07-26 21:03:22
Comments: Wonder if we have a common ancestor in England as Hough is a not very common name, I found you in Yahoo.

Name: nick
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: fl
Time: 1998-07-25 21:27:18
Comments: codes are good

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