Symposium 2015

The 7th Annual Sociological Research Symposium

Friday, April 10th, 2015UCB_Cover_3 (2)

2015 Presenter Schedule

Join us from 10-11am at Anna Head Alumnae Hall for our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Kim Voss, followed by Session I, lunch back at Anna Head Alumnae Hall, Session II, Session III, and closing back at Anna Head Alumnae Hall! All sessions take place in Wheeler Hall.

This year we have 28 presentations from 30 presenters with 10 universities represented:

  • Brown University
  • California State University, Fullerton
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California, Davis
  • University of California, Santa Cruz
  • University of Chicago
  • Zeppelin University (Germany)

SESSION I (11a-12p)  – Identities & Structural Inequality

  • Wheeler 24
    • Sigfreid Eisenmeier, UC Berkeley/Zeppelin University (Germany), “The role of trust at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). An exploratory case study.”
    • Sacramento Mendoza Ramos, CSU Long Beach, “Police Officers and the LGBT Community: An Exploratory Study across Police Department Policies, Procedures and Specialized Training”
  • Wheeler 103
    • Lennart Schulze, UC Berkeley/Zeppelin University (Germany), “Constructing the World through Metaphors”
    • Rebecca Logue, Stanford University, “The Occupational Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Refugee Caseworkers”
  • Wheeler 123
    • Allison Covington, UC Berkeley, “Better Than Well”
    • Michelle Gallarza, UC Berkeley, “Meet Each Need with Dignity: Community and the Dynamics of Nonprofit Change in the Northeast San Fernando Valley”
  • Wheeler 130
    • Ruth A. Rothstein, UC Davis, “Marijuana & the Media – the Impact of Legalization Narratives on Policy Outcomes”
    • Margaret Perret, UC Berkeley, “Scientific Controversy in the Anthropocene: Toxicity, Species Extinctions & Laboratory Socialities”
  • Wheeler 221
    • Goli B.T., UC Berkeley, “The Role of Social Media on the Iranian Green Movement of 2009”
    • Carlo Ignacio Gutiérrez, UC Santa Cruz, “Celebrating The Right to Live: Analyzing Carnival in the Contemporary Chilean Student Movement in Santiago, Chile.”

SESSION II (1p-2p) – Culture & National Borders

  • Wheeler 106
    • Blanca A. Ramirez, CSU Fullerton, “Women Always Have More to Lose”: Gender in (honor) culture”
    • Lidia Gomez, UC Berkeley, “Parental Involvement of Mexican Immigrant Parents and Child Academic Achievement”
  • Wheeler 121
    • Rodrigo Ochigame, UC Berkeley, “Algorithmic Manipulation and Suppression of Social Movements”
    • Jennifer Segura-Diaz, UC Berkeley, “The Role of the Occupy Movement in Uncovering Minority Participation in Present Day Movements”
  • Wheeler 123
    • Adam Factor, UC Berkeley, “Who Cares? How Emotional Labor Guides Professional Relations in the Hospital”
    • Andrea Ikeda, UC Berkeley, ” “This is a White Man’s Country”: Race, Space, and Settler Colonial Violence in the Klamath Basin “
  • Wheeler 130
    • Kristen Leckie, UC Berkeley, “Queering the Western Gaze: An Inclusive Approach to Sex Determination”
    • Alyssa Paradise, UC Berkeley, “Fighting Online Misogyny: Gender Policing and Strategies for Resistance”

SESSION III (2-3p) – International Development & Education

  • Wheeler 103
    • Jen Halliday, UC Berkeley, Greenwashing Privilege: Environmentalism and Ecosociality in an Urban Ecovillage
    • Jordan N. DeLoach, Brown University, “Neighborhood Risk and Epigenetic Alterations in Premature Infants”
  • Wheeler 106
    • Sean Khalifehzadeh, UC Berkeley, Fourth and Goal: a comparative analysis of student-athlete social and educational experiences
    • Larry McDaniel, UC Berkeley, “If You Knew Better, You’d Do Better: Exploring the effects culturally relevant curricula has on African American adolescent student in-class behavior.”
  • Wheeler 121
    • Heesu Chung, UC Berkeley, “NGOs and pathways to women’s empowerment in Bangladesh: BRAC and Nijera Kori”
    • Estrella Sainburg, UC Berkeley, “The Influence of Perceived Gender Roles on the Use of Water Services in Chiapas, Mexico”
  • Wheeler 123
    • Natalie Oveyssi, UC Berkeley, “Dangerous Love: ‘Positive’ Eugenics, Mass Media, and the Scientific Woman, 1900–1945”
    • Andrew Estrada Phuong, Judy Nguyen, & Audrey Tsai, UC Berkeley, Creating an Optimal Learning Environment: The Impacts of Democratic, Multimodal, Assessment-Driven, and Gamified Pedagogies on Equity and Access
  • Wheeler 130
    • Jinoh Ryu, UC Berkeley, “Transnational Feminist Approaches to Languages and Identities of East Asian “Third Culture Kids” at UC Berkeley”
    • Maxine Frendel, University of Chicago, “Pizza, Hamburgers, French Fries, and Society: Theorizing 21st Century Fast Food Sociality in China”