2018 Symposium Schedule

9:00-10:00 A.M.              Registration & Breakfast

10:00-11:00 A.M.            Opening Ceremony, Anna Head Alumnae Hall*

Introduction, Raquel Rodriguez & Celine Liao, Symposium Chairs

Opening Keynote Speaker, Dr. Laleh Bahbehanian, Professor of Sociology, UC Berkeley

11:10-12:00 P.M.  

Session I, Barrows Hall

Identity Politics and New Media

Room 56

  1. The Religion of Violence: Understanding the normalization of Violence in Salvadoran Society, Naylya A. F. Rodriguez, UC Irvine
  2. Recognizing Gender: California and the Gender Recognition Act, Juli Adhikari, UC Berkeley

Room 60

  1. Political Symbols in Northeast Asia: Analyzing the Media Portrayal of Symbolic Disputes Between China, Japan and South Korea from 2012-2013, T.E. Yang, UC Berkeley
  2. Mapping Displacement: Commercial Gentrification in San Franciso’s Mission District, Cristián J. Alejandre, UC Berkeley

Room 126

  1. The “Mothers” of Pais Vasco: An Exploration of the Ways Women were Recruited into Basque Nationalism during the 1990s, Sam Bonelli, UC Berkeley
  2. Talk to Me, Not About Me: Has News Coverage about Autism Begun to Embody More Perspectives of the Neurodiversity Movement?, Noa S.M. Lewin, UC Santa Cruz

12:00-1:00 P.M.              Lunch with live music, Anna Head Alumnae Hall

1:10-2:00 P.M.                Session II, Barrows Hall

Culture and National Borders

Room 175

  1. #BlackGirlsWillAlwaysMatter, The Importance of Sovereign Spaces for Black Girls, Shelby Mack, UC Berkeley
  2. The Legitimacy of Nonprofit’s Transition to Nonprofit Social Enterprise – A Case Study of Homelessness-Related Nonprofit Social Enterprise in San Francisco, Angel Tsai-Hsuan Chung, National Chengchi University

Room 54

  1. The Body as an Object of Resistance: Perspectives on First-Generation Palestinian-American Womanhood, Camilah Hamideh, UC Berkeley
  2. Unrecognized Genocide: The Case of Sri Lanka, Rebecca Devika Eliza Dharmapalan, UC Berkeley

Room 56

  1. Fishing in Anthropocene: Toward a 21st Century Maritime Anthropology, Wayne Huang, UC Berkeley / National Taiwan University
  2. The  Crisis of Haitian Migrants through a Transnational and Comparative Perspective, Alex Carballar Quirasco, California State University, Long Beach

2:10-3:00 P.M.               Session III, Barrows Hall

Patterns of Inequality

Room 175

  1. The Honors Distinction, Jordan Packer, UC SanDiego
  2. Escaping Democratic Stagnation in East Asia: Case Study of Taiwan and Philippines, Jeremy Huai-Che Chiang, UC Berkeley / National Chengchi University

Room 185

  1. The Politics of “Awkward”: An Analysis of Students’ Negotiations of Sexual Consent on the Berkeley Campus, Annika Anderson, UC Berkeley
  2. TheHome in the MarginsL Toward a Critical Race Theory of Racial Microaggressions Among Homeless Students of Color, Anthony R. Carrasco, UC Berkeley

Room 56

  1. The Operation of Private Chinese Medical Center with Multi-authorities Control, Xiaofei Jia, UC Berkeley / Sun Yat-Sen University
  2. ‘Trumpism’ vs. Conservatism: How the GOP Divide is Affecting the College Conservative Movement, Aliya Claire Francisco, UC Berkeley
  3. The Well & The Lighthouse: How Family Structure Contributes to the Increasing Gender Gap in College Enrollment, Christopher Soria, UC Berkeley

3:00-3:10 P.M.               Break, Anna Head Alumnae Hall

3:10-3:30 P.M.               Closing Ceremony, Anna Head Alumnae Hall

Closing, Raquel Rodriguez & Celine Liao, Symposium Chairs

Danesha McCoy Award Ceremony for undergraduate excellence in scholarship

Please note that all research sessions take place on the UC Berkeley Campus within various rooms of Barrows Hall.