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Treatment Development and Community Based Research

 Check out our current research studies to learn more about our team's mission to improve and provide evidence-based therapy treatments.

Research Studies

Directed by Dr. Allison Harvey, our clinic is an established research institution dedicated to improving evidence-based treatments for mental illness.

Therapy Treatments

We offer no-cost, evidence-based therapy treatments to help people obtain better quality sleep and improve overall health and well-being.

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about us: Clinical research team

Insomnia Depression

Our clinical research team—the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic—is dedicated to improving treatment for mental illness and psychological health problems. We have a special focus on developing treatments to improve sleep and circadian problems among teenagers and adults. Our goal is to improve sleep so as to improve mental and physical health. Professor Allison G. Harvey directs this program of research. Dr. Harvey is an experienced clinical psychology who is licensed in the state of California. Our research is funded by the National Institute of Health.


Depression Therapy [no longer recruiting] 

Parent/Teen Sleep Treatment Therapy

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