Post-Doc Scholars

Lu “Lulu” Dong, Ph.D., MHS | Post-Doc Scholar

Lulu grew up in Beijing and attended undergraduate studies at Peking University. She then got her master’s degree in public health at Johns Hopkins, and got her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Emory University. She completed predoctoral clinical internship at UCLA Semel Institute as one of the child interns. She is broadly interested in transdiagnostic mechanisms and treatment of psychiatric disorders as well as quantitative psychological methods.

Graduate Students

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Catherine Callaway | Graduate student

Catherine Callaway is a first-year doctoral student in Allison Harvey’s lab in the clinical science program. She graduated from Harvard University in 2017 with her B.A. in Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology. For the following two years, she worked with Kelly Irwin, MD, MPH and her team in the Cancer Outcomes Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Together they worked on multiple projects focused on understanding health disparities and improving outcomes for individuals with serious mental illness and cancer. Under the mentorship of Dr. Harvey, Catherine is interested in researching the dissemination and implementation of transdiagnostic treatments in the community setting for people with serious mental illness, sleep disorders, and other comorbidities.  


Niki Gumport | Graduate student


Niki Gumport is doctoral student in the clinical science program and in Dr. Allison Harvey’s lab. She received her B.A. in Psychology at Stanford University in 2011 and her M.A. in Psychology at UC Berkeley in 2017. Prior to starting her graduate studies, she was a project coordinator for Dr. Harvey for two years. She also worked as a research assistant at UCLA in Dr. Constance Hammen’s lab and in Dr. Bruce Chorpita’s lab. Niki is interested in treatment development for adolescents and adults and the dissemination of evidence-based treatments in community settings. In her free time, Niki enjoys baking cookies, reading, and kickboxing.


Caitlin Gasperetti | Graduate student


Caitlin Gasperetti is a graduate student in the clinical science program and in Dr. Allison Harvey’s lab. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Stanford University in 2013. Before coming to Berkeley, she was a research coordinator for Dr. Ian Gotlib at the Stanford Mood and Anxiety Disorders Lab. Caitlin is interested in understanding sleep and how it relates to emotion and psychopathology. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys running, yoga, and traveling.

Mike Dolsen | Graduate student


Mike Dolsen completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan, and he is currently a Clinical Science graduate student at UC Berkeley. Mike is actively pursuing a research program that examines how biological mechanisms (e.g., proinflammatory cytokines, dim-light melatonin onset, genes, and pubertal hormones) are related to sleep disturbance and mood difficulties in adolescents and adults. In his free time, Mike enjoys being outdoors, especially climbing, hiking, and camping.

Garret Zieve | Graduate student


Garret Zieve is a doctoral student in the clinical science program at the University of California, Berkeley, under the mentorship of professor Allison Harvey. He completed his B.A. in psychology at the University of Washington before moving to California to begin graduate school. Garret’s research interests include transdiagnostic treatment development, internet-based treatments, and disseminating evidence-based treatments into real-world clinical settings.

Cece Armstrong | Graduate student


Courtney Armstrong is a first year Ph.D student in Berkeley’s clinical science program. After completing her undergraduate degree at Carnegie Mellon University, she worked under Dr. Karen Matthews and Dr. Joyce Bromberger as a research associate for the Study of Women’s health across the Nation (SWAN) at the University of Pittsburgh. During her time with SWAN, Courtney worked closely with participants to collect information about their sleep and overall functioning. She has also worked with Dr. Melynda Casement to examine emotional health in individuals with sleep-disordered breathing. Courtney is currently working for one of professor Allison Harvey’s studies where she administers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to participantsinto real-world clinical settings.

Emma Agnew | Community Facilitator & Supervisor


Emma Agnew  is a Community Facilitator and Supervisor in the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic. She grew up in Los Angeles, CA before earning a BA in psychology, cum laude, from Colorado College.  She went on to graduate with her Masters in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley in 2018. Since then she has served as a clinician for several years in Seneca’s San Francisco Connections Program, working with children and families in crisis, before joining Dr. Harvey’s lab. She is interested in strengthening the relationship between  research and practice in the mental health field.