The only two straight males in Gender & Women’s studies department found each other!

Shocking news from the normally irrelevant Gender & Women’s studies department Thursday—the only two straight males in the whole department found each other!  Sean Gray and Cody Weissman sat down with The Beet to talk about this transformative experience. “Honestly, I was getting hopeless” Sean said. “I thought I could never find another straight guy in this department!  I’m so glad we made this discovery.”

“ It started in the GenEq center actually.” said Cody; “I go there all the time for free printing and basically nothing else, and I ran into Sean while using the printer. We got to talking and it turned out he was also there just for the free printing! That’s when I knew something special had happened— I found another straight male in the Gender and Women’s Studies department.”

“Naturally, we became really close,” added Sean.  “ We do everything together. He is the only one that truly understands me. “ After an awkward moment of silence, Sean quickly explained “However,  we always say “no homo” after whenever we do anything together, just so there’s no misconception between us and to other people.”

To celebrate this exciting discovery, the Gender & Women’s studies department decided to open up a whole new safe space within the department for straight males, where ESPN is on 24/7, it is forbidden to asked for one’s preferred pronoun and the fridge is always stocked with cold ones for the (straight) boys.

This is truly a remarkable step forward for not just the Gender and Women’s Studies department, but also the whole campus community- especially for Sean and Cody. “Who knows what the future hold for us? No one could’ve predicted this would happen,” Cody exclaimed. “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”  Smiling knowingly at each other, they then whispered, “no homo, of course.”


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