44th Issue

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Lynn Hoffman | louie scoungil’ saves the world
Sam Sax | Folktale
Ansley Clark | Stockholm | Like Whales
Claudia Hernández | Becoming Papel Picado
CA Conrad | (Soma)tic Poetry Ritual
Jenn Blair | Waterfall
Allan Peterson | Only the Slightly | Sight Unseen
Barbara March | Double Federal
Gailmarie Pahmeier | The Rural Lives of Nice Girls
Ed O’Casey | Hazerlos Pozole! (Part 1)
Vincent Cellucci | park poem
Jamie Carr | La Mer, Ma Mere
Dan Encarnacion | Here I Am A Filipino Man Demure And Amenable Inclined Toward Male Caucasian Figures of Authority (or, I Am A Pawn of Sexual Imperialism And Chess Is A Game That I Never Snugged Up To, aka God Bless You) | Denomination. | Hot House Man
Michelle Bonczek Evory | In the glass house are bodies of water | Outside the gold cities
Andrea Dulanto | Marriage Ghazal
Adrian Gibbons Koesters | Kick the Can
Amy Newman | After Robert Lowell Starves himself for Lent, a Seaplane Deposits Gertrude Buckman on Loon Islet and She Swims Across the lake | When Aurelia Schober and Otto Plath Drive Across the Country to Carson City Nevada to Marry
Alamgir Hashmi | Amusements for Elinor White
William Repass | Museum Pieces
Peter Myers | Genevieve in the Big City | Genevieve Puts the Poets on Trial for Voyeurism
Steven Alvarez | Malinche Be Right | 1522
Bill Neumire | Scene in Which an Umbrella Blows Away
Kathleen Hellen | August Light Rail
Ariana Weckstein | Boob Job Beyond the Old North Star
Christopher Cokinos | You’re Tired of Listening to the Giantess | Empty Mask, You Should Have Snapped its Neck
Gregg Murray | In My Dreams of the West
Joshua Gage | A Cuttlefish Observes Humans
Morgan Songi | Flesh and Bone
Mark DeCarteret & Jim Rioux | So Not
Spree MacDonald | On Violence
Margo Sanabria | The Colombians | The Washer
Trisha Peck | Dinner Complications…
Nathaniel Moore | The Thorncliffe Strangler
Anis Shivani | from Averroes
Clinton Stamatovich | Henry Von Trotha
Campbell McGrath | Hydrogen Bomb Test: Mike (1952)
Dan Chelotti | Geographic Aporia via Negativa
Baylor Odabashian | Love-Lust-Lonely Blues Poem for Valparaiso, Chile | A Sonnet Is An Antiquated Lactation (understated you bastard) A Sonnet Does Not Play The Trombone A Sonnet Does Not Murder The Innocent A Sonnet Does Not Feed The Hungry A Sonnet Has Never Raised A Family Of Six With A Broken Brain This Is Not A Sonnet
Michael Cooper | Sundowner stragglers and blackened fingertips
Joan Siegel | Triptych
William E. Dudley | A Sweet Mexican Woman
Simon Rhee | Postures
Ryan Harper | Hubble Creek
Heikki Huotari | Astronaut Sleep
Kay Cosgrove | A Western
Matteo Pazzi | Zoo & homeless
Naoko Fujimoto | Often As | 3:30AM Minuet | Sixty Seven Years Later

The cover art for our 44th issue is by subtle ceiling.  Find and admire them at http://subtleceiling.tumblr.com or http://subtle-ceiling.blogspot.com.