2016 Sociological Research Symposium


We are one week away from the Sociological Research Symposium. You can register at tiny.cc/attendSRS and find the schedule here. By Monday, April 4th, we will have the entire schedule available, including session titles, presenter names, and presenter’s home universities. Until then, this is a list of titles of the papers to be presented:

  1. Berkeley: A Case Study in the Banning of Racial Profiling and its Pernicious Persistence
  2. More Than a Debate: Abortion in Fictional Television
  3. Black Wombs, White Babies: The Racial Biopolitics of the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act
  4. World Wide Wanderers: Decoding the Identity of Third Culture Individuals
  5. “Gendered” Reentry: How Gender Patterns Life After Prison
  6. Neoliberal Claims-Making and Rhetorical Strategies in a Community-Based Non-profit Yoga Organization
  7. Breast Cancer, Bodies, and Boundaries: Queering Solutions for Equitable Healthcare
  8. “Hey Sexy!” A Compliment or Harassment?” Interpretations of and Experiences with Street Harassment
  9. Situating Asian Americans in the Affirmative Action Debate
  10. Family Structure, Acculturation, and Mobility in Childhood Mental Health
  11. Ethnic Boundary Formation in Response to Power: “Guatemaya” and Black Brazil
  12. Black Lives Matter: The Intersection of Race, Ideology, and Media
  13. The President’s Son and the Coach’s Son’: The Effects of School Preferences on Educational Stratification in Mexico City’s West
  14. Evaluating an Equity-Oriented Pedagogy: A Study of its Impacts in Higher Education
  15. #Ferguson2Cal: Social Media and Activism from Campus to Community

SRS 2016 Poster

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