Here is the lineup for symposium!

The 6th Annual Sociological Symposium 2014



Gender Performativity and Embodiment (Barrows 151)

Rebecca Ewert, UC Davis, “Dressing Up: The Production and Performance of Gender through Drag”

Tagart Sobotka, UC Berkeley, “A+ for Alpha: Examining the interconnectivity of masculinity and academic performance in male college student”

Vanessa Conte Herse, California State University, Long Beach, “Hedging in Court: A Corpus-based Study of Gender Effects on Testimony Language”

Marriage and Industry (Barrows 104)

Yunhee Roh, UC Berkeley, “Building Your Resume to be the Ultimate Bride

Julia Meszaros, Florida International University, UC Berkeley, “Desiring Transnationally Mobile Brad Pitts: Race, Gender and Desire in the Romance Tour Industry”

Redefining the Faults Within Global Health (Barrows 123)

Muska Fazilat, UC Berkeley, “Midwifery Practices in Afghanistan: The Influence of Purdah on Maternal Health”

Shawn Sieu, UC Berkeley, “Implications of “Obamacare”; the good, the bad, and uncertainty of expansion”

Nireen Salim, UC Berkeley, “Physical Disability and Intimacy: The Impact of Socialization on Expectations and Experiences”

Public Discourse and Politics (barrows 155)

Edgar Cook, UC Berkeley, “Talking Past Each Other About Guns: An Analysis of the Moral Foundations of the Gun Debate”

Virginia Murillo, UC Berkeley, Maintaining “Secure Communities”: The State’s Role in Using Traffic Violations for Deportation

Sandra Dill, UC Berkeley, “Access and Excellence at UC Berkeley: Navigating the Great Recession through the Rhetoric of Privatization”



Social Transformation: agriculture to technology (Wheeler 220)

Zachary Raden, UC Berkeley, “The Changing Agricultural ‘Field'”

Thor Barrera, CSU Sacramento,“Maintaining “Secure Communities”: The State’s Role in Using Traffic Violations for Deportation”

Financialization and Privatization of the Market (Wheeler 210)

Luis Flores, UC Berkeley, “The Profitability of Obscured Inequality: Toward a Social Theory of the Housing Bubble”

Tay Shin, UC Berkeley, “Can popular songs be an indicator of stock market performance or vice versa?”

Yik Hei Olive Ho, UC Berkeley, “Reviewing Welfare Regimes and Free Market Ideologies with the Political Economy of Statutory Minimum Wage in Hong Kong”

Immigration and Underprivileged Communities (Wheeler 020)

Tatiana Daniels, CSU Sacramento, “What influences some black females to sell drugs during their adolescence”

Young Eun Rachel Jo, UC Berkeley, “Asian American? Visibility and Inclusion”

Judy Schafer, UC Berkeley, “Crossing Borders: Youth, Migration, and Mortality”



Language, appearance, race and their performativity (Wheeler 220)

Wajihah Bhatti, UC Berkeley, “Shadeism among South Asians in the Diaspora and in the Homeland”

Claudine Gaibros, University of St. Gailen, Switzerland, “Creating spaces for agency: How people counterbalance language skill-related inequality in linguistically diverse organizations”

Examining the Prison System and Its (Im)Possibilities (Wheeler 210)

Andrew Roesch-Knapp, UC Berkeley, “Solitary Confinement & Collective Resistance: The California Prison Hunger Strikes of 2011-2013”

Mary Susman, UC Berkeley, “Era of Impossibility: Neoliberalism’s Violent Fantasy of Prisoner Reentry & Reintegration”

Institution and Externalities (Wheeler 020)

Tomoyo Takahashi and Terra Graziani, UC Berkeley, “Comparative Perspective: The Living New Deal and Rising Meritocracy:How Can We Achieve Social Equality?”

Yanyue Adelina Wang, UC Berkeley, “Household Tax Burden and Inequality in China”

SuBin Kim, UC Berkeley, “Care Not Cash”

Higher Education (Wheeler 030)

Carmencita Navarro, San Jose State University, “The Educational Experiences of Latinas in Higher Education”

Hugo Garcia, UC Berkeley, “The Transfer Experience: An Institutional Analysis of UC Berkeley’s Transfer Culture”

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