OCF Communication, 19 June 2020

The OCF believes in freedom: we support free software and a free society. We believe that everyone deserves favorable opportunities and to that end are committed to providing free computational resources for Berkeley students and staff. When certain groups are targeted by structural violence, it hurts everyone, and we must speak up.

This month commemorates Juneteenth and the Stonewall riots, which are upheld as monuments of society’s progression. At the same time, widespread protests and police brutality underscore the reality for many people that the current system remains deeply flawed. Structural injustices in the US continue to deny equity to people of color and queer folk; we commend those who take action against these injustices. Defund the police.

Taking Action

You can help out now or learn how to be an effective ally. There is a list of resources specific to UC students.

We welcome any suggestions on how the OCF can better help your cause, whether with computational resources or any other support. Contact us at help@ocf.berkeley.edu.

OCF Donation Matching

The OCF will be matching donations to BLM-related causes, up to $1000 total. These donations will come from our miscellaneous funds, sourced primarily from OCF staff. You can participate by submitting this form, including the receipt of your donation made on or after 19 June 2020. The deadline for submitting a donation is currently September 4th.