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Before contacting us

Please conserve our valuable volunteer manpower by making sure your question isn't already answered in our Frequently asked questions.

Interested in joining staff? Feel free to attend our meetings or contact us by email!

There are several ways to contact the student volunteers who keep the OCF running (hereafter referred to as OCF staff). If your question cannot be answered by the FAQ, we ask that you try coming to staff hours before contacting us by email.

When contacting OCF staff, please reference

  • your OCF account name (if known)
  • the software you are using and any error messages encountered

In person

The OCF lab is located on the ground level of MLK Student Union (entrance on Lower Sproul), Room 171. You will need to show your student ID to the front desk staff when you enter the lab.

OCF staff members are usually not present during lab open hours. To talk with an OCF volunteer staffer, check the posted staff hours.


Please do not send us your password over email, or your account will be disabled.

Do not email us about items lost in the lab. The front desk is staffed by paid employees, not by OCF volunteers. If you email us, the front desk staff will not see it. If you've lost something, you should instead stop by in-person to ask for it.


    If you have questions about your OCF account, services we offer, or about joining the staff team, this is the best address to use. Mail sent here generates a help ticket which can be seen by all OCF staff.


    If you'd like us to promote your event, service, product, or opportunity to our large volunteer staff team, we'd love to get in contact with you! Please use the address so that your mail reaches all staff members quickly.


    Concerns about computer security, network infrastructure, and abuse of resources (including spam) should be sent here.

Snail mail

We do not check our mailbox. Please don't mail us anything that you'd like to ever be read.

Our address is:

Open Computing Facility
2495 Bancroft Way Ste. 171
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-4520

Use of OCF resources in violation of applicable university policies and laws, including copyright, spam, and fraud, is not allowed. Accounts of repeat infringers will be disabled in accordance with university policies.

DMCA takedown notices must comply with 17 U.S.C. § 512(c)(3) and be sent to the designated agent at UC Berkeley. We recommend also sending a copy of the notice to the OCF directly ( for faster response.

Please note that any cease and desist notices may be forwarded to the Lumen database for publication and annotation.

Please take note of our content removal policy policy prior to contacting us about taking down user content.