The OCF offers a certain amount of printing to individual members. You don't have to request a new account each semester - the quota is refreshed at the start of each semester.

Printing is currently limited to:

  • 200 pages per semester
  • 20 pages per day

Please note:

  • Each printed side of a sheet counts as a page.
  • Jobs take time to process proportional to the job size. If you submit a large job, please be patient while the print server processes it.

Remaining quota

To see how many pages you have left for the day and semester, run the paper command over the web or in the shell. Print quota is also displayed at the top of the screen when using a lab computer. Check your print balance regularly!

Printing refunds

Pages are not normally refunded, except in cases of technical issues. In this case, you should talk with the OCF Operations Staff at the front desk for a refund.