Email sent to your username (e.g. will be forwarded to a contact email address of your choosing.

To configure a forwarding address, log in via SSH and enter the update-email command to view or update your contact email address.

Note that you are required to keep your contact address up-to-date for as long as you continue to use your account. While we do not proactively disable accounts without emails, if we need to contact you for any reason and cannot, your account will be disabled. This is true for both individual and group accounts.

Student groups

We provide email virtual hosting for student groups who have a virtual host (e.g. See here for instructions on requesting email hosting and configuring email addresses.

Individual accounts

Mail service for individual accounts was discontinued over summer 2014, but we are still offering email forwarding for individual accounts indefinitely.

Note that sending mail from your individual OCF account is no longer possible.