What is the Open Computing Facility?

We're a student organization dedicated to providing free computing for all UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff.

We run a super awesome computer lab on southside, have a wicked set of servers for staff to play on, and provide cool services to the Berkeley community.

Join us at our weekly meetings!

We meet every week to talk tech and work on cool projects. All are welcome to join OCF staff, at any point in the semester!

Sound interesting?

OCF Staff Meetings

OCF Staff meet to discuss technology, learn from each other, and work on OCF projects.

Drop-in visitors are always welcome, especially those interested in joining the staff team!

When: Every Wednesday at 8:10pm

Where: OCF Computer lab (171 MLK)

OCF staff help provide cool services to the Berkeley community.

web hosting

Web & Email Hosting

We provide free web and email hosting to more than 50,000 OCF members, including both students and student groups.

shell access

UNIX Shell Accounts

All members get their own shell account on our powerful Debian-based servers.
(Staff get their own private VMs!)

computer lab

Computer Lab & Printing

Our computer lab has free printing, scanners, mechanical keyboards, and blazing fast computers running Linux!

OCF at MLK building, 2019 Spring

We have a spiffy computer lab on southside.

Create an account and drop by!

Our computer lab, located in 171 MLK Student Union, features high-res scanners, free printing, and high-end desktops with mechanical keyboards and GTX graphics cards, all running Debian GNU/Linux.

a photo of servers in the rack, 2019 Spring

Our lab and servers run free and open-source software, such as:

linux debian kubernetes python apache postgresql kde vim emacs

Joining the OCF is an awesome way to learn!

We love talking tech and learning new things.

We use our weekly board meetings and staff hours not just to make decisions, but also to learn more about *nix and free software.

We're totally open and super-inclusive!

Our members have a wide range of majors and technical backgrounds. There are tons of ways to learn and have fun!

We've got a perfect sandbox to poke around.

In addition to our powerful servers and desktops, staff get access to their own private server to hoze.

We meet every Wednesday at 8:10pm in the lab.

We hope to see you there!