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We also offer IRC as a chat service. If that is what you were looking for head over here.

Join the OCF Slack Workspace

Joining the OCF Slack requires an OCF account. If you don't have one already, you can create one here. Head over to the OCF Slack and create an account with your <ocfusername> email address. This will only work with an OCF email address. Note that your OCF email by default will forward to your CalNet email address (e.g. Using the confirmation link in your email, you should now be able to set a display name and password and join the OCF workspace. We recommend setting your display name to your OCF username for consistency.

Optional: Using wee-slack

Note: This section is targeted at IRC users who would like to access Slack using the weechat IRC client.

While our IRC network is bridged with Slack, some users prefer to use weechat to connect directly to Slack. We already have weechat installed on tsunami, so simply follow the instructions provided by the wee-slack team. Just make sure you are in a python virtual environment before running the command:

python pip install websocket-client

We describe setting up a virtual environment here. As a general recommendation, you'll probably want to leave wee-slack running in a detached tmux session.