Frequently asked questions

Why might I want an OCF account? What do I get? How do I use OCF services?

Access to computing by the students for the students!

More specifically, we have a list of services.

Who are you?

The largest(*) student organization on campus (*by membership count). OCF is completely administered and operated by student volunteers ("staff"). About the OCF.

Interested in joining staff? Feel free to attend our meetings or contact us by email.

Where is the lab? What are the hours?

See lab.

How do I join the OCF and get an OCF account?

See Join the OCF.

How do I join OCF staff?

Check out our staff recruitment website!

It's been a week since I requested an account, what happened!

Accounts are typically processed immediately. If your account requires additional approval by staff, it may take a few days (usually less) to be manually approved. If this was the case, you will have been informed during account creation.

In most cases when people think their account has not been created, the email landed in their spam folder. Check that first, or try to reset your password to see if your account has been created.

I think I left something in the lab, can you tell me if it's there?

Please do not email us about items lost in the lab. The front desk is staffed by paid employees, not by OCF volunteers. If you email us, the front desk staff will not see it. If you've lost something, you should instead stop by in-person to ask for it.

I have an account. Does it expire? Will it still work?

It should still work. Our current policy is to leave accounts alone after graduation. See account.

My account is disabled. Or, I want to disable or delete my account.

See account.

I forgot my username or password.

See account.

Web hosting: How do I get (virtual hosting)?

First, you need to have a group account and a working website. Then, request virtual hosting.

Email hosting: How do I get (virtual hosting)?

First, set up regular virtual hosting. Then, request email virtual hosting.

My group already has a domain. Will I have to migrate to

All student organizations will be transistioned to in the coming months. If you are part of a research lab, faculty, or have a subdomain within a department (e.g. you will be exempt from the transition. We will provide more communication in the coming months on how this process will work.

Printing: I have a printing question/problem.

See Printing.

There is some content on your website I want removed.

See our content removal policy.

I need to talk to a human.

See contact.