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Joining the OCF

Before you begin

  • Check the membership eligibility page to make sure you are eligible for an OCF account. For example, all currently-enrolled students and active student groups registered with the LEAD Center are eligible.

  • OCF accounts do not expire, so make sure you have not made an account in the past. If you have forgotten your account name or password, please do not request a new account. Instead, reset your password.

  • Choose an OCF account name that is based on your real name (for individual accounts) or your group's name (for group accounts). It is unlikely you will be able to change your account name after your request has been processed.

Individual accounts

  • Individual accounts are associated with a single person and may not be shared.
  • Individual accounts are not eligible for virtual hosting except for faculty and staff accounts.
  • Individual accounts are eligible for printing.

Request an account online

You will be prompted to log in with CalNet. Then follow the instructions to make your request. Your account name must be based on your real name.

Feel free to contact us if you experience difficulties in the request or you have questions.

Then, wait for your account to be created. (below)

Group accounts

  • Group accounts are associated with a group and may be shared by members of the group.
  • Group accounts are eligible for virtual hosting.
  • Group accounts are not eligible for printing.

Follow this procedure to get a group account:

  1. Prepare appropriate documents and identification. See the membership eligibility page for information on the documents and identification you will be asked to present for verification at the time you submit your account form.

  2. Have the authorized person come to staff hours. For groups registered with the LEAD Center, that means a signatory. Otherwise, it's the person named in the documentation letter (and yes, you must bring documentation!). The account will be created during your visit.

Account life

We don't actively close accounts. You don't need to re-apply for a new account every semester, and you can still use your account after you graduate.

Because the OCF is funded by students for student use, we cater our services to students, but it doesn't mean that your OCF account stops working after you stop being a student. However, we will occasionally make changes to our services based on the needs of current students and the abilities of current OCF staff, so we can't promise all OCF account privileges and services into perpetuity.