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Banning policy

As established by the Board of Directors on October 31, 2016.

Any member of the OCF staff may propose to ban a user from the OCF for willful violation of OCF policies. Banned users may not enter the OCF lab or use any OCF services.

Once a user is proposed to be banned, all staff with any involvement with the user will be called to the next Board of Directors meeting, and those present shall testify. The Board of Directors may then decide to ban the user with a ⅔ majority vote.

If the user is banned, they shall be promptly notified of the ban and given a chance to appeal the ban at a future Board of Directors meeting. At that meeting, they will be asked to explain their actions. The Board of Directors then may decide with a ⅔ majority vote by secret ballot to uphold the ban; if the ban is not upheld, it shall be rescinded.

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