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Computer lab

The OCF computer lab consists of 29 workstations running Debian Linux. They are maintained by OCF volunteer staff who operate the servers, workstations, and networking gear that helps the lab run.

The computer lab contains 3 scanners, 2 standing desks, and a Blu-ray/DVD/CD reader/writer.

OCF computers include free and open-source software such as LibreOffice (similar to Microsoft Office), GIMP (similar to Adobe Photoshop), and more.

For details about printing in the lab, see Printing.


The OCF computer lab is located in 171 MLK Student Union. It can be accessed through the main MLK building or via the tunnel by the stairs between Upper and Lower Sproul.

To enter the lab, bring a valid student identification card; you will be asked to show it.


Please note that our hours are all Berkeley Time, as the front desk staff are student employees and may have classes before opening times. Hours for the next week are:

Saturday, Jun 23 Closed All Day (Summer Break)
Sunday, Jun 24 Closed All Day (Summer Break)
Monday, Jun 25 Closed All Day (Summer Break)
Tuesday, Jun 26 Closed All Day (Summer Break)
Wednesday, Jun 27 Closed All Day (Summer Break)
Thursday, Jun 28 Closed All Day (Summer Break)
Friday, Jun 29 Closed All Day (Summer Break)

Regular Weekly Hours

The regular OCF hours are:



Current and future holidays are listed below. Note that holiday hours may change, so you should check back closer to the holiday.

May 12, 2018 — Aug 14, 2018 Summer Break Closed All Day
Sep 3, 2018 Labor Day Closed All Day
Nov 12, 2018 Veterans Day Closed All Day
Nov 21, 2018 — Nov 25, 2018 Thanksgiving Break Closed All Day
Dec 15, 2018 — Jan 14, 2019 Winter Break Closed All Day

Need help from an OCF staffer?

OCF staff are student volunteers who are usually not present in the lab.

The front desk staff can help with basic troubleshooting, but for technical or organization-related questions, it would be better to either chat with an OCF volunteer staffer during staff hours or contact us via email.

Having trouble finding the entrance?

Here's how to get there, starting from Upper Sproul: