Content removal policy

As promulgated by the SMs on April 10, 2017.


Most of the content on is created and owned by OCF members, not the OCF itself. This user-generated content is not endorsed or supported by the OCF nor is the OCF responsible for content posted by OCF members.

The OCF maintains a strict policy not to remove or modify data hosted by members unless legally compelled to do so, or if such data is in violation of existing OCF account policies.

This means the OCF will not change or remove any text, pictures, information, or other data hosted by an OCF member. We do however reserve the right to deactivate inactive accounts at our discretion.


If you take issue with the content hosted on the website of an OCF user, the responsibility falls on you to resolve any conflict.

We expect you to make a serious attempt to contact the owner of the content in question and request that they address your concern directly. You may try to find their contact information on their website or in the University directory. If this fails, you may try to contact the owner by the contact email associated with their OCF account. If the website in question is, the contact address will be <username>

If repeated attempts to contact the owner of the account have failed, you may contact us and request the website be disabled due to inactivity. If we attempt to contact the website owner and fail to get a response, we may disable their account as per our account policies.

However, if the website owner responds and refuses your removal request, the OCF cannot take any further action on your behalf unless the website is in violation of our account policies. If you believe this is the case, you may notify us of the exact policy you believe to have been breached, and if we determine the complaint to be valid, we will take appropriate action on our end.

Please note that, if the above steps fail, the website is likely being maintained in compliance with our policies. There is nothing the OCF can do to change this outcome. Please do not assume that we support or endorse information posted by our members.

DMCA considerations

If you require content to be taken down under the DMCA for copyright reasons, you may send a DMCA takedown notice to the University, which will forward the request to us. Do not send any notices to the OCF directly; we can only act on them if they are sent to our designated agent. You must certify under penalty of perjury that your request is valid, that you are the rightsholder for the content in question, and that the use of the content does not fall under fair use exemptions to the DMCA. If you believe you have a valid DMCA claim against an OCF member, we suggest that you seek legal advice prior to filing a takedown notice.

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