Command reference

Shell interface

Welcome to the live command reference! Here you can securely access our login server via SSH and run commands to manage your account, edit a website, or work on our server. Below is a list of account management commands with a brief description of what they do and how to use them. Simply type in a command and hit enter to run it. To log out, run the command exit.

OCF commands

Key: ARGUMENT [optional]
Command Description
how SCRIPT Shows the source code for a script
makehttp Puts a shortcut to your web directory in your home folder
makemysql Generates a new random password for your database, creating the database if it does not exist
paper Shows how many pages you can currently print
update-email Prompts you to set a contact email address for your OCF account

File commands

For convenience, here is a very basic listing of commands to manage files. For a more complete listing, see for example Wikipedia. For more information on a specific command, run man COMMAND.

Key: ARGUMENT [optional]
Command Description
cd DIRECTORY Changes the current directory to a new one
cp [-r] SOURCE DEST Copies a file. The -r option allows for copying directories.
less FILE Lets you view the contents of a text file
ls [FILE] Lists information about files and directories
mkdir DIRECTORY Creates a new directory
nano FILE Lets you edit a text file with a basic interface
mv SOURCE DEST Moves or renames a file or folder
rm [-r] FILE Deletes a file. The -r option allows for deleting non-empty directories.
rmdir DIRECTORY Deletes an empty directory. Safer than rm -r.