Rename an account

We should sparingly rename a user account, and only do so when it is necessary (e.g. typo in the username or update of their lived name).

To rename an individual account, sorry the account with the old name and make a note of why you are changing the username. To run sorry you need to be a root user. Follow the prompts of the script.

sudo sorry username_to_rename

note -u username_to_rename

Then manually create an account using approve. Associate the user's calnetUID manually, and delete callinkOID attribute. You will need to be a root user to do this. Be sure to note the reason and previous username in the new account note file.


note -u new_username


When the user uses certain OCF webpage (e.g. password reset) that uses calnetUid to find associated OCF accounts, the user will see their old account in the list of accounts drop-down menu. However, as the old account has been sorried, the user cannot use the old account in any ways.