Running ocfweb

If you want to work on ocfweb on your Staff VM, it isn't as simple as cloning the repo and running make dev, unfortunately. In order to do so, you will need to add the ocfweb dev config to your Staff VM's Puppet configuration, so Puppet can install ocfweb's config files. To do this, clone the puppet repo or go to /opt/puppet/env/<you> on lightning, and then in hieradata/nodes/ add the following lines to your staff VM's Hiera configuration:

    - ocf_ocfweb::dev_config

Take a look at the configs for fireball or raptors for examples.

If you are in ocfroot you can push this directly to puppet and trigger a puppet run on your staffvm (sudo puppet-trigger -fe <user>) otherwise, push to your fork and submit a pull request and someone will merge it for you, after which you can trigger the puppet run on your VM.

Furthermore, you will need to install the libcrack2-dev package so that the crypto libraries ocfweb depends on will successfully compile.