LEGO Mindstorms Getting Started

Lego Mindstorm EV3

There are 3 EV3 sets available in the Educational Robotics Library.

Each set includes many pieces. The following link shows all the different pieces the box has!

The following is LEGO’s recommended way of approaching this set:

  1. Build a Robot: There is a library of 17 different robot tutorials available on the LEGO EV3 page. Select the robot of your choice and it will show a video tutorial on how to construct the robot.
  2. Bring Your Robot to Life: LEGO has provided a free programming application to control your robot. Simply click on the embedded link to see the different selections for your chosen device.
  3. Command and PlayYou can use your tablet or smartphone to command your robot. Details on the app can be found here.
  4. Share Your CreationsInspire others!
  5. Rebuild for More Adventure: Go back to the robot library and make more robots!

LEGO has also provided four free apps to accompany this set. More details can be found in this link.