Keycard policy

As promulgated by the GMs on August 18, 2017.

Keycard access

Keycard access is given much like root, but requires approval from both GMs and SMs.

To be eligible for keycard access, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • A Site Manager/General Manager must be able to recognize you in person
  • You must have been a staffer for at least a year already, but this may be waived at the discretion of the GM/SM
  • You must demonstrate a concrete, actual need for keycard privileges and concrete examples of helpful activity in the OCF

Keycard access, once given, can be revoked at the discretion of SMs or GMs.

After hours policy

Staffers with keycard access to the lab are free to enter and leave as they please. In contrast, staffers without keycard access may only be in the lab when there is someone with keycard access in the lab as well. More specifically, no staffer without keycard access is permitted within the lab if there is no one with keycard also within the lab as well. As circumstances may result in staffers with keycard having to step out of the lab for short periods of time, a general rule of thumb will be that if those with keycard will return in a 30 minute time frame, non-keycarded staffers are free to stay.

OCF staffers are permitted to bring in as many guests after hours as is considered reasonable. Note that this is not a right, but a privilege and as such can be revoked if SMs/GMs feel that guests are being disruptive. Any non-staffer in the lab after hours must be logged in the OCF guest sign-in sheet, and failure to do so may be considered abuse of keycard privileges.

Abuse of privileges

Failure to abide with the policies described above will be defined as abuse of keycard privileges. Since there is no good way to formalize disciplinary actions as severity of infractions can range from simple forgetfulness to full-fledged theft, abuse may result in consequences including, but not limited to, loss of root privileges, being banned from the OCF, and/or being referred to the Office of Student Conduct or University Police.

Amendments to this policy

This policy can only be amended by Cabinet consensus (or by BoD).

Staffers must promptly be made aware of any amendments to this policies.