Lab reservation policy (staff expectations)

As promulgated by the GMs on November 06, 2017

Should the OCF lab be closed for the event requested, OCF staff (excluding those at the front desk) should remain outside the OCF lab during the time requested. Those at the front desk will continue to require that Cal ID’s be shown to gain access to the OCF. However, should Staff also agree to respond to all student group requests within one week and one day of their form submission as it will need to be approved by the OCF’s Board of Directors.

It is likely that requests will be accepted that follow some base rules. Firstly, the person who registers for the group MUST be a signatory of the organization wishing to reserve the lab. In addition, the lab should not be reserved for more than two hours within our standard operating times. Groups are more likely to be approved if they demonstrate a specific need to use our computers instead of any other space -- the manner in which our technology is utilized should be mentioned in the reservation form.

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