ShortURL guide

We use as a URL shortener.

One of its functions is to shorten member website URLs: is a shorturl for

We've additionally defined other shorturls. Here are some especially useful ones for staff:

  •<repo>,<repo>: The repository <repo> on the OCF GitHub page.
    There are also abbreviations for the most commonly used repositories:
    • ircbot
    • ocflib
    • puppet
    • utils
    • ocfweb
  • RT
    •<ticketnum>: The page for ticket <ticketnum> in RT
  • Lab stats
  • If you bring a guest into the lab after hours, fill out this form
  • The server chart
  • BoD minutes

We also often give out these shorturls in RT tickets:

  • Signup page for an OCF account
  • Info about virtual hosting
  • Info about mail virtual hosting
  • Info about apphosting

More shorturls

You can find a full list of shorturls in a table at The shorturls are created in the Apache configuration via Puppet at

You can add additional shorturls to this list. When doing so, make sure that:

  1. The shorturl isn't already someone's username, so you don't accidentally break the functionality for them.
  2. You add your shorturl to the list of reserved usernames. This way, no one will subsequently register an account with the same name as your shorturl and find that doesn't work for them.