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check: get details about an OCF user


check allows staffers to get account details about users. Some information may only be accessible to privileged users or root, or depend on the server check is being run on, so output may differ accordingly.

check is best run on supernova.

check currently returns:

  • getent (i.e. LDAP) info
  • CalNet info
  • Remaining print quota
  • Virtual host, apphost, and/or virtual mail configuration if applicable
  • DNS records for any of the above
  • Signatory of / signatories for
  • Notes about the user in ~staff/User_Info
  • Processes running on the current machine owned by that user
  • Recent login history on the current machine by that user


$ check sanjayk
sanjayk:*:18298:20:Sanjay Krishnan:/home/s/sa/sanjayk:/bin/tcsh
Member of group(s): ocf ocfstaff admin
Mail forwarded to "|procmail #sanjayk"
CalNet UID number: 646431

Recent login history on local machine:
pts/5 Fri Mar 8 10:42 - 10:58 (00:16)
pts/17 Fri Mar 8 10:16 - 10:28 (00:11)
pts/5 Wed Mar 6 18:14 - 19:54 (01:39)
pts/5 Wed Mar 6 18:05 - 18:05 (00:00)
pts/5 Mon Mar 4 19:04 - 19:05 (00:01)